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Posted by Lberry.88 | Nov 28, 2011 @ 05:34 AM | 6,895 Views
I had a rather odd realisation whilst working on a 50mm EDF in my workshop: I have bought a lot of planes in the last 12 months... Now I'm sure there are many out there who have bought more, but I was slightly alarmed by the number.

A lot of it is down to getting into the Ultra Micro world- they are relatively cheap and easy to store, so they sit in their boxes in the corner of my workshop out of the way.
So here goes... My name is Luke Berry and I have a problem :P
(Not sure why I have provided links to all the planes- most of you know what a P-51 will look like ah well, it looks more professional that way!)
Micro 35mm Mig 15 - flight ready.
HK EZ* rip-off Flew once, was an early production model and didn't fly well at all - later production saw the motor angle increased by 30 degrees, no wonder mine didnt fly well with 5 degrees of angle.
Crappy HK Cessna - Retired after impact with ground
Parkzone UM T-28 - Air ready
Parkzone UM P51 - retired and scrapped after motor and servo failure
Another UM P-51 used for camera platform,
Parkzone Brushless P-51 Gunfighter - Sold
Parkzone UM Mosquitto - awaiting repair on on of the engine nacelles
55mm EDF A-4 Skyhawk - destroyed after loss of signal; the RX aerial had snapped off, should have been picked up during pre-flight but didn't do a range check.
Parkzone Spitfire Mk IX - fully air ready
50mm F-35 - still on the workbench, awaiting parts to complete
Hobbyzone Champ - given to a friend
HK Micro Brushless Spitfire - Still awaiting construction
FMS 800mm Spitfire - awaiting new motor
As I have been writing this the postman has turned up with a Parkzone Sukhoi Su-26xp

That makes 15 - more than one a month I suppose I'm sure there are other I have forgotten, but I probably shouldn't think about that.
Posted by Lberry.88 | Nov 12, 2011 @ 01:09 PM | 6,870 Views
I have had a pretty busy few months out side of the hobby and have only recently eased myself back in to the hobby with RCG Now I know that 3 months out of the hobby is nothing compared to what some people manage, but now I am back flying and building it seems like a loooong time!
I started my teaching job in September and I love it I get a similar buzz flying as I do standing infront of a class so I feel very lucky indeed.

Anyway, this was all very exciting and did a lot to distract me from flying!

My nan sadly passed away a few months ago too but she was kind enough to leave some money to me of which some went on a few new toys

First thing was the new PZ Spitfire Mk IX with the E-flite retracts, the plane flies wonderfully and the retracts work perfectly! Happy with my new purchase I meandered over to HobbyKing (always a good move). So winding it's way to me I have:
50mm F35 which will house the electronics from a slightly dented A-4 (dented after I failed to do a proper range check - had I done that I would have spotted that the RXs aerial was detached)
I also took a punt on this micro spitfire which looks pretty poor but I found it in the Sale/Liquidation bin and for $15 I thought it was worth a punt - If anyone has any knowledge of what this plane is I'll gratefully receive it.
To make up the extra shipping I grabbed a prop balancer - I have never owned one but always felt I should, now I do! Threw in a couple more batteries, and some more HXT900s, a few more Orange RXs - can't have too many of those!

I assume I am not alone in this Hobby King problem?!