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Posted by Lberry.88 | Sep 10, 2010 @ 12:44 PM | 7,523 Views
So this is my first blog post, ever, on any website!

Thought I would just write this to let you all know what I'm about, you cant fit much in the bio section of the profile.

So, Im a 22 year old from Stansted, Essex, UK. I'm currently studying Rocket Science (well Physics with space science and systems engineering) and hope to be teaching at a local secondary school when I finish my degree.

I have been into RC stuff for longer than i can remember- i got my first Car when i was 7 and by 11 had built my own Kyosho Ford Focus Nitro RC car. I got into planes via a firebird XL that i got given for my 11th birthday. I havent gone back since. I read earlier today, under a thread 'Whats the stupidest thing you ever did with an R/C Plane?' and Xpress had written "Flew one. Stupidest mistake ever, now i'm sunken DEEP into this money pit" which is exactly true for me.

I am self taught, moving from Firebirds, through various foamies before i got my first Balsa Cub when i was 14. Since then I have moved between fun fly foamies and proper balsa RC planes. Not that I am 'dissing' foamies. I love them and find them the most fun to fly! But its always great to have something in the air that you have spent a few months building.

I am also into model rocketry, i have a number of times tried to combine the two- with the loss of my Cub in one instance but i think thats part of the fun of RC. Some times you just have to break stuff, normally something can always be salvaged of CA'd back together.

Being a student I get a loan every term (semester) I try not to drink it all away, and use some for RC but that varies each term, i always start by thinking 'this time ill save some and get that {insert plane here}'.

So there you go, my first blog, hopefully first of many, i hope to log my successes with various planes and projects on this blog, so check back occasionally to see whats going on.