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Posted by kestrel2003 | Sep 25, 2017 @ 12:49 AM | 1,685 Views
A solid Airshow in the mountains. The Swiss Tiger F-5E replacement Programm is beeing restarted soon, so the main contenders are heating up the race; Gripen, Rafael, Eurofighter, maybe soon F-35
Posted by kestrel2003 | Jul 19, 2017 @ 10:38 AM | 2,900 Views
Hot weather, but great show. Dassault Rafael as always stole the show. F-35 made a solid impression....Continue Reading
Posted by kestrel2003 | Jun 30, 2016 @ 05:38 AM | 4,978 Views
Just before the Eurosatory Fair I found some time to visit the Le Bourget Airplane Museum in Paris. Well worth the visit, many typically French airplanes and a wide selection of diffrent planes and objects to look at. HIghlights:

2 Concordes
Mirage V
Super Etandard
Plexiglass F1 Mirage
Model Airplane...Continue Reading
Posted by kestrel2003 | Jun 06, 2016 @ 04:21 AM | 4,828 Views
Elegant Airshow, vibrant city

NH 90 making a good show of itself.

B-1 as sleek and elegant as always

Many Tornados and...Continue Reading
Posted by kestrel2003 | May 23, 2016 @ 04:11 AM | 5,162 Views
Got to fly my Canberra with Target sleeve!

A great meeting, excellent weather and many good pilots with great planes.

Did not get round to flying my a-10....Continue Reading
Posted by kestrel2003 | May 17, 2016 @ 03:49 AM | 4,694 Views
Weather is picking up!

Time to fly!
Posted by kestrel2003 | Mar 23, 2016 @ 05:31 AM | 5,430 Views
Getting ready for 2016. I hope to increase my autonomous flight. Plus lots of waterplane action.
Posted by kestrel2003 | May 10, 2015 @ 05:15 PM | 6,954 Views
The event is in its 10th year and still growing strong...

My A-10 new color looks nice in the air. No special paint job, just a few spray cans.

Great weather, great...Continue Reading
Posted by kestrel2003 | Mar 13, 2015 @ 09:16 AM | 7,821 Views
Weather is picking up, my urge to fly is increasing...
Posted by kestrel2003 | Sep 11, 2014 @ 02:27 AM | 7,922 Views
12 Day of continous flying! Good weather, great teams, 400000 visitors, a total success!!!

100 Years Swiss Air Force, 50 Years Patrouille Suisse, 25 Years Pc-7 team
Posted by kestrel2003 | Aug 22, 2014 @ 04:34 PM | 7,647 Views
with an autopilot life can be so sweet! Many thanks to Peter Kohler for the Picture.

Pemotec Porter (built 2006) , Hacker B20-18L , 3s2200, AMP 2.5
Posted by kestrel2003 | Aug 21, 2014 @ 02:13 PM | 7,740 Views
Good Show, lucky with the weather.

P-8A Poseidon stole the show!

Nice to see an Edgley EA-7...Continue Reading
Posted by kestrel2003 | Dec 17, 2013 @ 04:18 AM | 8,537 Views
During this years Swiss Air Force refresher course the 35mm Air Defense Units got to conduct numerous live firings. Both radar guided and using the Gun King Optical Sight. To train the gunners the PC-9 deploys the drogue that is then about 900 meters behind the aircraft. The Aircraft is at about 3000 ft. After the firing the drogue is dropped.

The Pc-9 is most elegant and it nice to see something diffrent for once.