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Posted by ihor14448 | Jun 16, 2008 @ 03:49 PM | 7,307 Views
Hello everyone,

Well i had some motors that did not work properly or were bad, so i ateempted to rewind one. first i reused the wire just to see if the motor would run, and it did, yippe . So i stripped it and found a little spool of wire in the garage so i winded another one with new wire, and it worked too .
so this is the motor in the pic, i am going to start winding motors and eventually get better at it, and yes it gives a big advantage in rc flying.
I did not read anything to get started, just watched my friend Alex wind one, and with a few helpful tips, i was able to wing one on my own.

If anybody has a blown outrunner that they dont need, PM me, i can use it.

Please tell me how i'm doing, good or bad so i have something to keep in mind while i'm moving on, you can use the poll above .

Thanks for looking!
Posted by ihor14448 | Jun 04, 2008 @ 05:31 PM | 6,844 Views
This is my new plane, the only one i have that is in flying condition.
me and my buddy Alex build this plane in about 4 hours, and man is it good!
seriously this is the best plane ive ever flown, moves quick, can fly fast or slow, do loops and stuff. plus its nearly indestructable. i crashed it about 8 times already and all i broke was the vertical stab and a piece of balsa on the fuselage cracked, a little epoxy and its back in the air again.
some specs:
40" wingspan
3ch, aileron and elevator
tower pro motor with 10A esc i think
runs on a 3s 1000-1300mah lipo

this plane does not like stalling, if you stall and you dont got altitude, you are in trouble cause it starts looping thats how i mostly crash it.
handles great in wind up to 20mph