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Posted by ihor14448 | Feb 17, 2008 @ 11:19 AM | 6,478 Views
i was bored so decided to make a quicky.
took me total of 2 hours(glue drying took most of the time)

carbon stick with some foam board on it

looks to be good and very well balanced, wanted to maiden today but too windy

stuff i used.
carbon stick ( steve you know where it came from )
and epoxy
some metal tape too ( super strong)

1 brushed GWS 370 geared motor
6" GWS slo flyer prop
7.2v 2s mystery 900mah lipo
1 GWS pico servo for the rudder
1 esky servo for the elevator
GWS 4ch rx
and a 10A brushed ESC

this plane is 3ch

i want this plane to fly kinda like slow stick, but will see..
this is the first plane that turned out good and did not end up in the trash during building process i hope it flies good