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Posted by hobbyclub | Nov 30, 2014 @ 07:39 PM | 6,365 Views
New F3K competition model coming out of Top Soaring.

This is the No.4 on their series.

Do not have the selling price as yet, but it will be close to the $550.00

Some technical details as follows:
Wing area:21.25dm2 (329.37 in.2)
AUW: 280 grams (9.82 oz.)

Recommended RC equipment:
Servos: KST DS245S-MG or the new X-08
Battery: 1S or 2S Lipo (800-1200mAh) or (350-500mAh)
Receiver: Futaba R6106HFC (4.8-7.4V), R6202SBW (3.7-7.4V), R6303SB (3.7-7.4V), R7008SB (3.7-7.4V)

Main Wing:
1) Airfoil :Zone-V2, improving your throw efficiency
2) Tensile modulus of the High modulus spread tow carbon fabric: 290Gpa, 26% stronger than normal spread tow carbon fabric used T-300 carbon thread. The wing is much more stiff than last full carbon main wing .
3) Weight of the High modulus spread tow carbon fabric:70g/m2
4) Thickness of the High modulus spread tow carbon fabric: 0.14mm
5) Width of tow carbon thread: 25mm
6) Wing spar : the high modulus tow carbon thread, thickness 0.07mm, at both upper and low surface
7) Use Top-Drives aileron drive method, with carbon fabric reinforced.
8) Lower wing layout, increasing the controllability, and decreasing the resistance of penetrating the air.
9) Sweep back main wing.
10) Chord length 180mm with narrow wing tip, shorter chord length and less thickness for decreasing the resistance.
11) Dihedral angle at 5 degree for high throw altitude.

Tail Feathers:
12) Made of 39g/m2 Carbonlin fiber with better stiffness.
13) Working on Carbonline D-box+fiberglass, user can choose their favorite method.
14) Bigger area of the tail feathers for increasing the throw altitude.
15) Mould made elevator support.

16) Slender fuselage for increasing the throw altitude.
17) Bring the boundary of carbon and kevlar forward for increasing the stiffness of fuselage.

Will be available by the end of December 2014,
from:.............Hobby Club

best regards,

Posted by hobbyclub | Oct 20, 2014 @ 02:08 PM | 5,693 Views
Check on this link:


Technical details as follows:

Deadband: 1us

Size:23.5 x 8 x 16.8mm

Weight: 8g

Torque:1.4Kg.cm@4.2V 0.18sec/60 (19.45 oz/in)
2.2Kg.cm@6.0V 0.15sec/60 (30.56 oz/in)
2.8Kg.cm@8.4V 0.09sec/60 (38.9 oz/in)

Operation voltageC3.8V-8.4V

1520us/333Hz, 900us-2100us.
7mm coreless motor, 2 ball bearings

Posted by hobbyclub | Aug 12, 2014 @ 04:47 PM | 7,043 Views
Please check this New Product Review done by Mike Lee on Fly RC Magazine
Posted by hobbyclub | Apr 14, 2012 @ 08:06 PM | 12,078 Views
Just released the new 3.3m wingspan ALES

Some technical details:
Wingspan: 3370mm
Length: 1580mm
Wing area: 77.1dm2 (1195sq.in.)
Empty Wt.: 980g (34.386oz)
Wing airfoil: NH F3J
Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Motor
Similar construction type as the Maxx, Magic & Cumulus, except the wing
carries 2 carbon fiber "I" bean type spars.

Reg.Selling Price $549.95

Introductory Price $499.95 (First 10 units)

Initial shipment will be here early May 2012
Posted by hobbyclub | Mar 12, 2012 @ 10:53 AM | 15,079 Views
Last saturday, thanks to the help of our Master Builder in the area, Gary McCartney, I was able to maiden my Cumulus.

After the first flight where the model was slightly nose heavy, Gary took the piece
of weight that he thought the model will need for a proper balancing and bingo..!! it was just a perfect CG location without the need of any extra modification.

The model flew like an oversized HLG.

It will detect and show the smallest raising air it's going through.

Despite the overall lightweight it moves very quickly from one area of the sky to another. Nice "legs"...!!

Here are some of the technical details of the flying unit:

Model: Cumulus by Reichard, 2.5m wingspan
Motor: Black Magic 2208/15 1150Kv
Battery: Lipo AWH-SiegPower 850mAh-11.1v 30C
Prop: AeroNaut Cam 10x6
Spinner: Aluminum 35mm dia.
Servos: Flaps, rudder, elevator = Airtronics 94802 Sub-micro digital 7.4g
Servos: Ailerons = BlueArrow D05010MG (digital, metal gears) 5.9g
Rx: Futaba 7ch, 2.4Ghz
ESC: AWH Matrix 25A

Model all up wt.: 692.5 gr (24.3 oz)

Wing loading: 17.06 gr/dm2 (5.19 oz/sq.ft.)

Here are some photos of the main components
Posted by hobbyclub | Oct 29, 2010 @ 10:44 AM | 21,608 Views
Yesterday (Oct.28'2010) we made the maiden flight on this very light weight (AUW=20oz), F5J competition electro glider.
Gary (our friend's masterbuilder) installed on it:
Motor: AXI 2208/34
ESC: Castle Creations-Thunderbird 18A
Spinner: HC aluminum 35mm dia.
Prop: HC folding 10x6 (later on we tried a Multiplex 12x6 with much better results-pulling only 11.5A)
Aileron/Flaps servos: Airtronics mini digital 94802
Rudder/stab servos: HC 6.5g micro digital 20oz/in torque
Battery: HC-Arrowind 850mAh-7.4V-20C

We'll offer a complete package to our customer.

After 30sec motor run it's almost out of sight (OOS)

Model flies like a big hand launch glider.Very docile,quick to respond and very good penetration for such a low wing loading.

It's already a proven winner..!!...Continue Reading