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Posted by Huey N | Sep 05, 2017 @ 01:35 AM | 1,374 Views
Model designed by Tom Mansell.

A few months to build but it ended up looking quite nice. More pictures to come. On going forum :
Huy's Sky Baby Maiden Flight 111216 (2 min 18 sec)

Posted by Huey N | Mar 23, 2014 @ 10:08 PM | 4,209 Views
Everybody will agree that having multiple plane builds is a trap. Luckily I only fell victim to multiple peanut scale s-crap balsa builds with plans downloaded from the net. My Sopwith Triplane is the other RC build at the moment, but I'm savoring this 1/8 scale kit from the recently closed Aerodrome RC.

I call this my "green build" so most of the sticks and parts that aren't included in the short kit are made from balsa scrap leftovers. I think it's going to be well worth the effort if most of this wood can be put to good use. There are still obvious pieces to purchase:
- bass wood spars
- carbon and aluminum tube wing joining hardware
- neoprene cord for the tires
- steel wire landing gear

The Pietenpol is simple build so I'm going to focus on areas that I found a little tedious: - the removable hatch. I want most the front cowl, sides, and the top hatch area formed from styrene. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do the classic Model-A engine hatch opening or a smooth hatch with a modern flat-four.

Making the hatch plug:...Continue Reading