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Posted by T3chDad | Jan 10, 2008 @ 09:15 AM | 9,018 Views
In my last blog entry, I stated: "Next week: loops and rolls..." Well, here ya' go. They're not clean, and I'm still a n00bie, but now I'm having a lot of fun at it!

This time I'm flying my BeltCP.

ESky Belt CP at Lunch... (2 min 16 sec)

Posted by T3chDad | Jan 05, 2008 @ 10:36 AM | 8,614 Views
I have been flying helicopters (or trying to) since mid-September. With helicopter piloting, I had always read that one day it will just "click". I thought I had somewhat of an idea what they meant...boy, I was wrong!

It happened to me on New Year's Eve. I had no idea how profound this "click" would be. All of a sudden, I was at ease (not a tense ball of nerves as usual) while I was in the air. I wasn't afraid of crashing or losing orientation. I tried a bunch of stuff I had never done before and the funny thing was that I never left my comfort zone. I was banking and yanking, FFF, pirouetting, piro turns, tail-in, tail-out, collective punches, and various simple combinations of them...and it all felt extremely natural and smooth. I'm now flying in Idle-Up mode 100% of the time. It's slightly different than normal, but I've got the hang of it....now just to re-program my thumbs to hit a switch instead of dropping the stick after setting down.

I can't believe what a difference it was.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me here at RCGroups.

Next week: Loops and rolls...