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Posted by T3chDad | Oct 14, 2007 @ 11:14 PM | 8,046 Views
Since it's been a month now, I thought I update about my heli. I happy to be able to report that I've not crashed anymore (yet). I got a new canopy and a new paint job thanks to my dog. I have a loft that's pretty much my space in the house. I looks down on two sides; to the living room and dining room and the family room on the other side. So, one night after a flight, I'm upstairs adjusting my Belt CP. I hear this crunching sound. I look down into the dining room only to see our 8-month old Border Collie/Boxer mix puppy chowing down on my canopy. I yell down "bad dog...no!". He scurries away, but it's too late...my custom canopy is totaled. He pulled it off the kitchen table. Into the garbage it went. The next day I ordered a new canopy along with a few other parts from HeliDirect. Even with the el-cheap-o $4 shipping, I still had it in two days (ordered Thurs, arrived Sat.). We took a trip to the auto parts store and picked out a new color...a metallic blue this time. I added a little trim with some aluminum duct tape, and she's all done.

I'm getting better at piloting this thing too. I'm just about as good at tail-out hovering as I am at tail-in hovering. I now have a set of Align 325mm CF night blades that light up...since I do most of my heli flying in the evening. Those are very cool and I believe they've actually helped me being able to see the blade disk better as I'm flying...

Latest picture.

Update 10/26/2007: This canopy has been smashed into a hundred bits when I nose-in crashed from about six feet. The heli is already back in the air and flying great...just no more custom paint jobs until I'm a better heli pilot.