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Posted by T3chDad | May 24, 2007 @ 10:57 PM | 4,457 Views
The first 50 flights were great!

51st flight. Throttle-up, threw it, felt a "hit" on the tip of my index finger. Ooops. I had a feeling. As soon as I leveled off, I looked down, and saw that it was definitely time to land.

There was a 3D flier out there at the same time, and we had a small audience. Funny, after this happened and and they saw the blood, the dad was saying "c'mon guys, let's watch the rest from the car..." to his two small boys. My wife, son and one of his friends were also there. They were kind enough to take me to the ER after the three Doc-in-the-box we drove by were already closed (only 7:30).

Three stitches later...Sorry, I don't have any pictures. Thankfully, it only took one hour at the ER.

I'll be back out there first thing in the morning getting some of the hair of the dog that bit me!
Posted by T3chDad | May 23, 2007 @ 02:00 PM | 4,222 Views
First blog entry huh...?

After a 27 year hiatus, I'm back R/C flying again. I originally flew with my dad back in '79-'80. I flew a 60" wingspan ugly stick with a 5ch Kraft single-stick radio. I crashed too much and being in 7th/8th grade, I didn't have the money to continue.

Now I'm back with a vengeance...and the funds to sustain this new obsession.

My new setup is:
Ultrafly SU-27 pusher jet (modified with rudders)
Ultrafly D/13/32 3200Kv brushless motor geared 2.38:1
APC 7x6 prop
Waypoint 25A ESC
Futaba 6EXAS TX
Futaba micro RX
Futaba s3114 servos x3
E-sky micro servo x1 (rudder)

I'm currently experimenting with various power setups:
EMax CF2212 direct drive outrunner with a 7x5 seems to be working well too.
...but...I've since gone back to the stock brushless with a 7x6 prop due to heat concerns and possible over-driving the EMax motor.

I could be a spokesman for Ultrafly. I LOVE THIS PLANE! See this thread for more info and pictures.