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Posted by nerdc0re79 | Apr 15, 2010 @ 03:35 PM | 4,422 Views
Pulled some old templates today and decided to build a wing. I think its based on simple wing by gene bond and the swift.
This build was very fast indeed. I went to dollar tree store and purchase a handle full of foamboards. For thing delta wing I only used one sheet. Trace template cut and paint 10mins it took for all that. Waited about 5mins til paint is dry enough for me to handle and glue the 2 wings together using hot glue. I gave it about 1 1/2 in dehiedral because I wanted a slow flying wing,

Then the electronics are installed . I used a blue wonder 1500 kv with 8 or 10 amp esc. 8x4.3 gws sf prop. 2x turnigy cheapy servos. 800 mah 2 cell lipo.

Also added a 12in cf tube spar to keep the angle of the dehiedral on the wing. Cf control rods that was on my f22. Good thing about the rods are the length of em. It was like ment to be. A lot of people use ca glue to hold em but I always like to use hot glue and shrink tube,this way I can just heat up the glue and freely adjust control rods to trim the control surface. Can't do that if you use CA to hold it.

Maiden flight.
It was windy on the first flight. CG was way off. I think I had the battery 4inches back from nose tip.. tailheavy. So I moved batt on the nose. BaM!! Perfect!

Inside loops and outside loops are easy. Wing tracks very well. Rolls are ok since there's a dehiedral on wing rolls looks like a barrel roll.

Its a fun cheap wing and I know I will be making more .maybe version 2 without dehiedral.with that I know it will roll better

Seriouly i f u have a bw 1500 laying around and 2 cheapy servos and about 45 mins to one.

the video
version 1
shifty wing.wmv (4 min 58 sec)

version 2 no dehidral
maiden flight
SHIFTY WING V2.wmv (2 min 55 sec)