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Posted by timhoffman | May 24, 2007 @ 08:10 AM | 5,991 Views
Some of the fleet:

V1 with new Thunder tiger V2 FBL head and Tarot ZYX gyro.
Stock motor from TT. 13t pinion.
ACE RC 40amp esc.
HITEC HS65 HB servos on cyclic.
Bluebird micro digital tail servo.
TURNIGY 35c 3s 2100 lipos.

EHAWK 1400
HET 6/15 motor
Graupner 6x3 Cam Folding Prop.
1100 mah 3s or 2100 3s lipo.
Hs 81 servo for aileron and mpx servo for vtail.
Robbe 18AMP ESC.

HET 6/20
KV : 1580
Power Nominal : 100 Watts
7 x 4 slow fly prop.
4 x High intensity LED's for night flying..
18 AMP ASCAN (chepo ESC)
3s2100mah packs

(The night lights are quite fantastic with this slow fly machine).
She has gone from Geared Speed 400 with 6cells to the above setup and although battered just keeps flying. Photos BELOW...

Bell 47 G
Standard series One

HET EDF 3W (3020 kv) (450watt nominal)
ACE RC 40 amp esc
2 x Hype 2100mah 3s
2 x Graupner 2000mah 3s
2 x ROBBE 2500mah 3s.
HITEC 65HB (Karbonite servos)

Why I call her "Lucky".

It all started in a mad dash to upgrade the battery connectors for a better amp and sturdy connection from my smallish connectors. So a friend and i found some cheap Deans plug ""copies"" and soldered the truck starter motor like cables supplied on the Graupner 2000mah 3spacks. Problem was the plastic on the connectors seemed to melt slightly trying to solder these heavy leads....HHHMMM. Oh well no biggie.

Off to fly and demonstrate to...Continue Reading