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Posted by Dickrar | Mar 31, 2009 @ 09:17 PM | 2,406 Views
I am new to scale planes. So far I've built (scratch)a 6'Feisler Storch, a Yo-3A (Thanks to Mike 50, Steve1814 & Sparky. But now I am deep into a 134 inch wing Minimoa by Krick It;s a an OLD kit;fuselage had to be planked. Don't see much of that anymore.
Anyway, I have found that these large scale plane are very demanding, require patience, improvisation, a LOT of work and a penny or two here and there!
After all that work, even though I still have to build the wings I am not going to ruin it with a monocote or similar glossy. Is there an iron on woven material that anyone could recommend for a first time user? All advice eagerly accepted. (I;ve never used silk because it scares me!