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Posted by ICU | Aug 07, 2011 @ 10:34 PM | 4,242 Views
It all started while trying to make some new wheel pants for my UMX Sbach. Because the stock ones are crap, they would never stay in place (rotating) and a lot of people were claiming they were snapping during grass landings.

I first tried making some out of balsa, but to get them as small as I wanted them would have make them far too weak. So since I have some CAD software I decided to design some and have them printed in 3D at Shapeways. Who knew that idea after idea for parts would start cascading thru my mind.

Shapeways started a few years back bringing 3D printing to the average person. Over the years they have introduced many different options and materials to have virtually any part printed. I've always wanted to have something made there, I just never bit the bullet. If you have a few days of free time (lol, there are tons and tons of different things there), check out

There are only 3 drawbacks to Shapeways.
ONE: You must have a $25 minimum order.
TWO: It can take a long time to get your parts. Currently it looks like the WSF (White, Strong, Flexible) material is the fastest to get. My average for receiving parts has been 2 1/2 weeks (10-12 working days).
THREE: Some countries around the world may see additional shipping charges (import duties, ect). Here's a thread I found on Shapeways forum discussing it, But here in the US I have yet to see any additional...Continue Reading
Posted by ICU | Jul 18, 2010 @ 03:27 PM | 4,282 Views
My micro edf A-10.

The first one i built was powered by Airhogs JetScream guts and fans. And I used some plans I found here on rcg (Thanks for the plans ??) and scaled it down till the main wing would fit on a sheet of paper, and built it from 3mm depron. It flew but I had to add alot of nose weight to get the cg forward enough to fly and would turn like a freight train with the fans so close together.

Once the new UM Sukhoi XP came out I could retire my old heavily abused V1 UM Sukhoi. And is there any better way to recycle the electronics than into one of the most awesome looking, most powerfully loaded, bad a__ planes ever made?

First I had to find out if the AR6400's 2A esc could handle powering the twin AH JS fans. I first soldered up one and tested the amperage and thrust. I don't remember the exact numbers but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.1 A with a thrust of about 11~12g. Next I soldered both up and measured again. They topped out somewhere around 1.8A and about 20~21g of thrust.

Next I had to widen the fuselage considerably to accommodate the ar6400 and the battery. 3mm depron was used for all of the plane except for the top of the fuselage, edf housings, and elevator where I used 1mm thick foam plates. Since weight was going to be a big issue I decided to use TEA (Throttle, Elevator, and Aileron) to control the plane. Trying to make a working rudder system would be very hard, and I could use the mixing abilities on my dx7 to mix the...Continue Reading