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Posted by RiBell | May 02, 2010 @ 01:12 AM | 8,057 Views
I figured that I would make a blog entry here on RCGroups Some of you may already know my wife (Tracy) has colon cancer. So Im making my first ever blog entry, to tell the story and give an up-date.
So heres the full story.
Sometime last summer Tracy was experiencing some abdomen pain that she saw the doctor about. Due to the pain being associated with eating high fat foods and beef; the first though was indigestion. Treatment for the indigestion seems to help for a couple of weeks. Until she was in pain and went into a walk in clinic, on the weekend due to the doctors office being closed. They sent her for an ultrasound and found that she had gallstones. When the results came in she was sent for a CT scan and had a appointment with a surgeon.
So we were thinking that just a quick little procedure to remove the gallstones; and the CT scan was to get a better look at them; no big deal.
The CT scan was scheduled and then a day or two later she calls me from work; in a lot of pain. So right after work she heads off to the hospital emergency. The doctor at the hospital was able to see the CT scan results that night and that was the first time we heard the word cancer. Sent home with morphine; and other pain pills. We kept our appointment with the surgeon the following week. He reviewed the CT scan and told us that in his opinion the spots that were seen on her liver were cancer. We were still thinking gallbladder; and here weve switched organs and disease. The next thing...Continue Reading