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Posted by zbytekfr | Apr 05, 2010 @ 07:19 PM | 5,927 Views
April 5/10

I flew my Speedo MK2 for the first time today, it was also my first time at the slope this year. The wind was blowing 20MPH + right up the hill. It was sunny and in the low 70's.
I flew my Mini Elipse first to get warmed up. You know when you read a review in a magazine when they build a plane and it flys perfectly with only some minor adjustments and then they do every trick in the book, well this actually happend to me with the Speedo. I tossed it out and away it went. It only needed a couple of clicks of down and some down elevator programed with the spoilerons.
This one sweet little airplane. I thought because of the size it was going to be real squirrely but tracked and penetrated well without ballast. It did the usual rolls and loops with no problem.
I built mine stock with no modifications. I think I'll get another one before the price goes up again.