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Posted by Goggle | Oct 07, 2017 @ 09:37 AM | 1,926 Views

Organising my new workshop got me thinking about optimizing my available workspace.
Tools where always cluttering my work aera. Things where always on top of one another.
I'm sure many of you will recognize the situation.
I had some drawerboxes laying around, and so I decided to make proper use of them. Most of the wood I used was old packaging wood from work ready to be thrown away. Recycling was the first thought that came to my mind, so I selected a stack of what was the straightest multiplex wood I could find in the pile.

It involved quite a bit of thinking and some drawing before I started this project. I also didn't want the trolley to be too heavy or cumbersome to move about, particularly since my workshop is situated at the first floor.

Now I have all my handtools always close at hand. No more cluttered building bench. If I need to access my drillstand, scrollsaw or sanding machines which are situated next to my building bench I can, thanks to the large wheels I installed underneath, just move the trolley about anywhere I want. The same goes for cleaning the floor.

Once I'm happy with some last details, I'll soon give it a good old sanding before finishing it off with some semi-gloss varnish.

Thank you for sharing any thoughts or ideas.