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Posted by winchdoc | Feb 01, 2013 @ 10:36 AM | 10,620 Views
I flew PB this last Wednesday. It was 17-24 straight in all day with a (not too) low ceiling.
The hill was mine except for a few eagles passing by on their way up to the top peak.
I brought 4 planes and flew 4 planes and returned with 4 (intact) planes

I flew the Pace DSE (I call it "Baby Pace") as well as my new Pace VXE.
Since last I flew them, I have adjusted the elevator servo output arm length (shorter) to use more of the servo's throw and resolution. It makes trim inputs finer, and I swear I can 'feel' the difference when I fly them. I had to re-adjust my elevator compensation % (more) in the landing mix, but managed to do it on the fly. Adjusting TX settings whilst flying is like texting & driving!
Now, they both hover in with flaps/crow to a soft landing. SaWEEeeet!

I've been experimenting with the CG location on the VXE, and both designs really like a neutral CG.

I also brought out my HotRod Tweed Rotor and had several satisfying flights, skirting the lower lip and pulling big loops and roll combinations. I think the CG 'could' go back a bit, but it's pretty groovy to fly as it is now,and loops pretty well. Pitcherons have trouble looping with a forward CG, this may be a reason they get a "poor pitch response" rap. Next outing I'll see how much forward stick it needs when inverted, and try to sneak the CG back a bit.
It uses a new revision blingeron that seems to contribute to the rock-solid feel in the air.
This Rotor is...Continue Reading