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Posted by winchdoc | May 04, 2010 @ 11:54 AM | 9,747 Views
Last night in the middle of making some parts, my CNC mill's spindle shuts down and I get a dreaded spindle fault code come up on my screen.

I power it down and reset the alarm. Turn it back on- Just like General Fransisco Franco-- still dead.

I'll post a few pix here as things progress.

First thing to do is check the "transistor modules" to see if any of them have lost their magic smoke. Hopefully, that is all it is, and HOPEFULLY, I can find replacement parts somewhere (for free, oh, pleeze-pleeze-pleeze)

I suppose I could just gut it and put in a new motor/control and a pc based CNC retrofit, but that takes more time and headscratching.


New parts will be here next week.