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goes to the anodize shop tomorrow
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People that know me know how I love to make tricky-trick servo installs.

It seems that everyone wants to reduce blisters on their wings. To do this, There have been RDS, LDS, RDH LSD, Rotomilan, Servoarmen, and others introducing
wing mount servo drive systems. The idea here is to use as short as possible servo arm connected to an equally short control surface arm.

I'm building a Kinetic 2MDP that I got from Spencer. One of the build challenges besides tight precise linkages, is to get the aileron pushrod short enough to fit.

Like other people I have been using MKS servos in the CNC machined aluminum mount with integral outrigger bearing. I like these mounts a lot but they have a few shortcomings IMHO.

The outrigger bearing has a shaft that replaces the servo arm retaining screw.
When using a clevis on a short arm it is sometimes "necessary" to grind away half of the clevis' strength in order to use full rotation of the servo. For me this is unacceptable. My usual alternative is a top mount ball link, but even this can interfere with the outrigger bearing shaft.

Tony Fu sells a bearing kit that includes just the bearing in a mount and you can retrofit your install for a tighter linkage.

So far all the available servo mount/drive systems have something that the picky bastard in me would like to see done differently.
Some have weak materials, (but lighter) some require very precise installation, and 'break-in period', or excessive current drain could cause a fire.
Some get too sloppy over time.
Grub screw impinging directly on servo splines- shame on you.

So once again, I'm rolling my own. This time it's a MKS servo mount with outrigger bearing and drive system, specifically for the K2MDP but I will also put these in my new SRTL build instead of the Ming mounts I had saved for it.

I will try to address all the shortcomings (as I see them) in this new design.


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The spindle speed control went out on my mill last week

It's a bad repeat of the last time this happened about 4 years ago

Probably not gonna get away from it cheap this time.
Some of you might have been wondering why I'm selling some choice stuff lately.
No spindle control no CNC mill stuff. No blingeron, no blinghorn, no secret project #7, nothing. Not till I get this fixed.
I feel like IronMan without his suit...
So I'll be scratching my head to solve the problem, and maybe find something else to sell from the shelf of shecret schtuff...
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I (nearly) stole this from Trader Vic a few months back.

He had the fuselage pretty much done but with a few nagging details that had me stymied until I finally decided to change the wiring and component locations.

One thing was the fact that I had to run the power the old fashioned way thru a plug into an unused port on the RX. I prefer to run the power to the wing plugs and then to the RX. This way I can use the smaller 6ch RX without a dedicated power plug-in....Continue Reading
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Did I mention it was RED?

Woops, sorry, my mistake... I accidently posted the WRONG pic. Some Ferrari or something. Not mine, but it was in my driveway for the afternoon.

My sincere apologies to anyone that might have been mislead by the inadvertent mix up of pix..
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Now I plan to persue more enjoyable endeavors.
Plan on seeing better availablity of WinchDoctor stuff like Blinghorns, Turnaround pulleys, Blingeron TWF hardware, and a few BIG surprises I cannot reveal at this time.

In the meantime, I got lathe-ed...


former meat robot
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I flew PB this last Wednesday. It was 17-24 straight in all day with a (not too) low ceiling.
The hill was mine except for a few eagles passing by on their way up to the top peak.
I brought 4 planes and flew 4 planes and returned with 4 (intact) planes

I flew the Pace DSE (I call it "Baby Pace") as well as my new Pace VXE.
Since last I flew them, I have adjusted the elevator servo output arm length (shorter) to use more of the servo's throw and resolution. It makes trim inputs finer, and I swear I can 'feel' the difference when I fly them. I had to re-adjust my elevator compensation % (more) in the landing mix, but managed to do it on the fly. Adjusting TX settings whilst flying is like texting & driving!
Now, they both hover in with flaps/crow to a soft landing. SaWEEeeet!

I've been experimenting with the CG location on the VXE, and both designs really like a neutral CG.

I also brought out my HotRod Tweed Rotor and had several satisfying flights, skirting the lower lip and pulling big loops and roll combinations. I think the CG 'could' go back a bit, but it's pretty groovy to fly as it is now,and loops pretty well. Pitcherons have trouble looping with a forward CG, this may be a reason they get a "poor pitch response" rap. Next outing I'll see how much forward stick it needs when inverted, and try to sneak the CG back a bit.
It uses a new revision blingeron that seems to contribute to the rock-solid feel in the air.
This Rotor is...Continue Reading
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My Dad died last wednesday. He was 91.

He was a pilot from WW2 and beyond.
He trained with the RAF, Flew 75 missions over "The Hump" from India to China, Saudia Arabia in the '50s, and fast planes over bad guy's back yard.
His military career is documented pretty well, but his impact on me imeasurable.

I got his sense of humor as well as right from wrong,
and good manners when necessary.
He lit my inspiration for all things that fly.

Those of you that know me personally know how much and how often I bragged him up to you.

I thought I'd share a few pix

I'll miss him.
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Orcas Island, there's this little hotel/resturant that happens to have a little slope at the end of their property, and nesting bald eagles right next door.

Every sunday they toss some salmon scrap from the resturant kitchen for the "locals".

ALL the birds show up for this party, not just the eagles, but seagulls, pelicans, turkey buzzards, even crows showed up.

Oddly enough, the resident adult eagles tolerated all the other species except their own kind- no doubt the free-loading cousins from the wrong side of the island. ...Continue Reading
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Time: September, 1962.
Location: Paris, France.

My Mom & Dad were driving our Mini-Cooper home from the Paris flea-market. I mean THE flea market, long before they were popular in the US like they are now.

There were cobblestone stretches of street surface on the alternate route my Dad had chosen out of the city, and they were bumpy, and the mini was so low to the ground...

I sat in the back seat with the clock. It's chimes rattled, and rang all the way home, particularly on those cobblestones.

I was 8 years old, and looked at the clock with curiousity, even then wondering what was inside.
From that day on that clock had hung somewhere in our home through out all of our military moves.
It was old then, and was not without it's own quirks, like never sounding when the minute hands were exactly on mark
It's ticking was a constant soothing background sound that was comforting like a clock to a new puppy.

***fast forward to about a week ago***

.The clock comes to my house, we hang it up and admire it, The Westminster chimes were slower, and sounded like they were about to slow & stop any second, yet the spring was wound tight.
I figured it just needed a little cleaning and oiling, how hard could THAT be?

so I took it all apart...Continue Reading
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Morrison knew even before they invented it...


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Took a long weekend at Cape Blanco with the Winch Wench. Had one of the few cabins reserved for that weekend.

I flew my SRTL all day Saturday and had the north side all to my self.
Sally got a lot of great shots......Continue Reading
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quack quack
Posted by winchdoc | Oct 31, 2010 @ 05:29 PM | 18,067 Views
Sally (the winchwench) and I took a vacation to Maui, and I took THREE SAILPLANES with and flew them ALL!
Here are a few pix of the flying parts

Special thanks to Brian & Kelly for turning "tourist nightmare" into "backstage in paradise"

This was the first flying session at Nakalele.

Posted by winchdoc | Oct 16, 2010 @ 06:18 PM | 13,651 Views
I took a fast putt out to Rolland's hut-in-the-woods, he was out but I got to see the boys, Oliver and Myles.