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Posted by flatstick | Jun 09, 2009 @ 12:35 AM | 2,280 Views
Am just finishing off the re-build of my 3.7 m Semi-scale glasflugel 604.
It has grown to 4m and will now have Large ailerons and Ample Flaps.
I got a cheap 9 channel RC to dial in some control on this.
Changed over to 2.4 Ghz....fingers crossed.

Its my first attempt at self designed foam core / Built up combo wings.
Wings look like they are built up balsa - but are Foam Core.
They are light but still strong [ with that built in resilience of foam core ].

Go half way down page, this is whole build thread.
Next is a Fast , Spitfire. Predominantly Foam , maybe some ply laminated
Might be for the stronger wind days.
Posted by flatstick | Jun 15, 2007 @ 08:37 AM | 2,782 Views
Aero-modelling has certainly gone down in price in the last few decades.
but here in Australia, it is still fairly expensive to import the high performance
soarers that I like.

One such example is the Nemesis glider. It is a fully molded 1.5m high performance
glider. Great for slope , handles both light breeze or heavy winds. - the cost here
is approx $400 depending on features [ how much carbon etc ].
These are exceptionally well made and it is obvious that the time that went into
making them is pretty fair at that price. [ even $10 per hour for 40 hours ,I could
not make it as good ].
It is considered an option to use my time to build my own composite glider.
I am expecting materials to cost about $100 but there is an awful lot to learn
to get a good result. There is also some tooling up for Hot wire cutter / vacuum
bag set up / heat box...etc
The incentive is the satisfaction of having done it myself.
Also being able to experiment with ideas and ability to tailor specifications to
suit my flying.
Posted by flatstick | Apr 27, 2007 @ 05:35 AM | 2,948 Views
I am re-learning to fly radio control gliders.
I flew a bit when I was 9 yrs old, Up to about 16, then stopped a while.

I have a 27 yr old Suzi 2 [ solid Balsa wing - made for Free flight or RC ]
25 yr old 12 foot Thermal Glider [ might have been the first fibreglass Fuselage
designed glider in Germany???? ]
New ARF Spirit with old radio in it [ yes radio is also 25 yr old ].
- - - I was starting to get into Thermal Gliding, heard about this slope stuff.
So just went to check it out. It seemed a bit daunting Throwing perfectly good
gliders off a cliff but luckily some one told me about a nice hill near me.
I tried it out there, I really enjoyed it.
I later got some 45 min flights , then a 1 Hour flight in....I am really Hooked.!
As per profile; I love Aerodynamics. Always have, ever since small boy.
- Love the Beetle Car - mine is 1957 " Oval " window.
- want the future to have Hydrogen Fuel as a key part. I am experimenting with
small hydrogen generators { hey It keeps the mind active. }
I should be re-building a glider now to get my son flying instead of wasting time on this
thoroughly entertaining internet stuff.!
2 June 2007.
- well I fixed the Glider for my son.
Decided to do a few Mods [ as you do. ].
Made it lighter / more control / stronger. and..............
well it didnt seem to fly as well.
10 June 2007.
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