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Posted by imyohero | May 20, 2009 @ 07:19 PM | 2,801 Views
I went out with the mini f16 for the maiden and it was awsome!

It was way too windy but what the hey, the c/g was just a little nose heavy but it works well for the windy conditions.

I'll try and get some video in a couple days!
Posted by imyohero | May 11, 2009 @ 11:34 PM | 3,156 Views
I finished up the airframe today and now I'm waiting for the motor esc batts to ship out from H/C.

I used ultracoat deep red and supercoat dark blue and the weight so far is 2.5oz with servo's linkage and reciever.
Posted by imyohero | May 08, 2009 @ 04:52 PM | 3,707 Views
Got a chance to fly the combat P-51 again today. I reduced the aileron throw and it's not twitchy anymore

The video shows the hand launch 2 flybys and the landing. The camera is just a polaroid digi still cam so i clipped it so your not staring at a blue screen.

ps. I'm still only using just over 1/4 Throttle!

Combat P 51 Mustang (0 min 24 sec)

Also attached a few pics of a micro f-16 pusher that ive been messin with. 15"ws with a target weight of 4-5oz, ordered a bunch of small gear from hobbycity, 10g outrunner 9g esc 360mah 2s and 3s , couple props.
Posted by imyohero | May 04, 2009 @ 05:18 PM | 3,412 Views
Got a chance to try out my p-51 today! We finally have some good flying weather so the wife and I hit the feild, Her camera batts were dying so she only got one pic before the launch.

OK here is the setup.

Motor: Turnigy 35-36 1400kv aerodrivexp sk swinging a 9x6 apc

Esc: Mystery 80amp

Batt: Zippy 2200 4s 20c

Radio: Futaba 6ex

Servos: 2x hs-82-mg

Bec: D/E sport bec

Auw: approx 2lb

I was worried about the hand launch,so i chose to go with a single 2200 4s instead of 2p just to keep it light.

A couple clicks of up trim faced into the wind this thing has tons of power launched at 1/4 throttle!!

Man this this flies FANTASTIC ! Ailerons were a bit touchy on high rates so I switched to low rates and it was better but still needs to be adjusted. Elevator was fine as was the factory C/G of 2 1/4 " from the L.E.

I flew a couple laps of the feild at 1/4 throttle and slightly less and it still had a lot of speed ! I'd say maybe 40-50 mph! This thing is going to scream!

Landing was a dream no tip stalls no bad habits just floated in and plopped it down.

Electronics and battery cool to the touch! Next time I'll push it a bit more and see what it does!

Posted by imyohero | Mar 26, 2009 @ 11:33 AM | 3,065 Views
Well the wife and I dragged the whole fleet out for a pic in the livingroom and had to move the furniture

The planes is the photo are:

GWS P-51 clipped wing, slimmer balsa fuse, reno tail, LS super parkjet.

Gp Combat P-51.

GP corsair ep.

Gp L-39 albatros.

Kosh's F-22 raptor.

Ultimate bipe.

Het-Rc f-16, js1400, 6904 fan.

Eflite J3 cub

GWS slow stick
Posted by imyohero | Dec 04, 2008 @ 05:59 PM | 3,134 Views
here is a vid(sorry bout the quality)of the retracts operating, i still need to do the wheel wells, just waiting to get motivated!

retracts.AVI (0 min 15 sec)

Posted by imyohero | Nov 08, 2008 @ 03:18 PM | 3,731 Views
I've had this greatplanes combat p51 around for a while now and thought id post a few pics!

I threw a pair of cheap .40 size($4.97@hobby city) retracts into a spare wing
still trying to decide what wheel size to run? 2" look good but 2-1/2" will roll on grass better but look big on this size of plane.

radio: futaba 6ex2.4g
motor: turnigy sk 35-36 1400kv
esc: tested with a pheonix-35 but will probably run a 60-80 amp controller
batt: 4s maybe 5s 2500mah 30c or better