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Posted by edge5foamy | Feb 25, 2009 @ 12:25 PM | 7,299 Views
Well, I guess it is time for my monthly update while there is still a little February left!

Just this past weekend a got a trailer. It is a 10ft camper style trailer. It is in really rough condition, but I hope to have everything repaired, and have it ready to go for Pop Curstis(April 17th-18th) then SEFF just two weeks after that.

The Perry Swap Meet is next weekend. My indoor demo will be at 6:00PM that Friday. I am pretty nervous. Going to "try" to spend as little as possible at the swap meet, since I need have money to buy the materials to fix my trailer.

Got everything for the QQ Yak in, and I have it setup and ready to run for the next time I go to Hodges.

The HXT900s are doing pretty good, I started selling them a few weeks ago, and so far have sold 62 of them.

I am also using them on a secret project of mine, witch I will post more about once I get farther along with it.

Well, I need to go eat lunch so bye for now!

See you at Perry/Pop Curstis/SEFF!