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Posted by edge5foamy | Sep 20, 2008 @ 11:51 PM | 9,402 Views
Well with the Hodges Hobbies All Electric Fly-In V3 less than a week away now, I am rushing to get planes ready!

Weather is looking superb for next weekend! I have had Friday the 26th marked on the calender at work for me to be off for 2 months now! I have been REALLY looking forward to this event! I have not even been to any flying field since SEFF(May 1st-4th).

I will be sure to take as many pics/videos as possible!

I will be taking...

6ft Telemaster(NIGHT FLYING!!!)
PA Katana MD
Charger RC CR-1
Charger RC CR-260
Charger RC FlatStick

I will also be picking up my combat plane I bought from Richard(HodgeHound) while I am down there. Now whether or not it comes back with me, or atleast comes back in one piece is a different story.

I am also probably going to pick up a PZ Corsair if they have any in-stock at Hodges.

One of my parents will take me down there Friday morning, and pick me up Sunday afternoon. I will finally be able to go to a fly-in by my self!

The next fly-in I will be going to will be the Hodges Hobbies Fall Fly-In/Dan Stevens Memorial Fly-In

OK, back to getting planes ready....