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I am 73 yr old and don't really want to stand out like a young race horse so I got the black one also ... but several months before it was released I saw the ads for the Jeti 's new aluminum Tx holder and their tx was black but had red carbon fiber hand grip type pads and it really hit me that I do want some color on my TX ... So I looked on line and found some red raised carbon fiber vinyl and put some on ... thinking it would also help the gripping just a little as pure plastic is kind of slick . Any how this is what I finally came up with . Enjoy

I also fly several VTOL aircraft including an expensive Rotormast V-22 and with no side slide lever on the DS -12 I could not fly it comfortably ... and the work around of putting a lever on the top rotatory knob was in such a twisted position that these old fingers could not do it comfortably .
So I decided to mod the TX case and stick the ch 6 rotatory knob pot on the side of the case and install a blank switch in place of the rotatory knob on top
Now I can move it comfortably with my index finger . It looks like a sore thumb on the TX ,,but my fingers are not the ones being sore ,,,, to bad Jeti didn't make it to have indented ones like all the other TX's that they make ?????
Again enjoy
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Another modeller in Canada printed this for me to cover the bo bo on the nose in battery problem I had .. love it now looks new again .
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Another modeller in Canada printed this for me to cover the bo bo on the nose in battery problem I had .. love it now looks new again .
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for sale is this aimdroix xray tilting quad copter ... not flown much as it is just to fast for these old eyes .
350.00 plus shipping in u.s.
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Here ya go Gravy
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It has the wren 44 turbine / SK 360 FC with a Spartan 670 tail gyro ,, BLS251 futaba DS tail servo, and JR DS 8717's cyclic .
Low hours ( 10 hrs) It really flies great ..and the sound of a turbine is just awesome .
It has only been flown normal type helicopter flight - no crashes .I really hate to sell it but life is getting in the road right now , so I would rather it go to a new home where it gets a chance to get off the shelf .

I need to get 4850.00 plus shipping on this ... don't really need to sell ,,but hate not being able to find enough time /energy to fly it .
Will be some what broke down to save on shipping as it is big ....Continue Reading
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twisted on inner part
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pictures to explain how 4 point --- two servos control flight of Rotor mast V -22
And just these two do all the flight control for hover and airplane flight .
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Portable ground station with 8 " monitor with sun shield ,, 2 antenna ports,, 2 - usb ports ,, voltage read out , on off switch ,AV in secondary ports , 900 MHz receiver with sound and video out , 900 MHz transmitter , no camera

Going to list it for sale soon as went to goggles and no longer use .
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How would you like to come face to face with this on the battle field
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Here is the magazine article and a video in the video area .


Notice the big scoop (marked in pink on the first page ) that goes down into the fan blast to bleed roll control air off to the wingtips.
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An article on Robert Gorhams twin VTOL for Grumman aerospace in 1992
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Here is a BNF bird that I need to sell .
It is a Guai 200 Hughes 300 scale bird ,with a 3 bladed head and a sk 360 rotor head gyro that I was going to list .
It comes with micro 2.4 RX ,GWS gyro /hitec 55 tail servo ,3- futaba 3110 and is BNF ready .

Also have a few nip and used parts (two blade flybared head , etc. ) for it that will be included .