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Posted by Slammm | Apr 26, 2010 @ 01:09 AM | 2,206 Views
Trex 500, 450 (Clone) and 250. All three are great birds but the 450 is my favorite, here's why. The 250 is like a humming bird on cocaine, fun to fly but a hand full. The 500 is a big bird that is very stable, awesome to see, hear, and fly but expensive. What I mean by expensive is, yes parts are expensive but more so,,, it takes 2 times the batteries to fly, so I can fly the 500 one time or the 450 2 times (about 7 minutes per flight). And because I'm relatively new to helies, more stick time is better and parts for the 450 clone are dirt cheap.

Well I got 3 2650 mAh 6 cell batteries for the 500. Perfect fit and balance without any modifications. This takes the charge time down over charging two 3 cell batteries. I still like the 450 best but I think it's only because the 500 scares the hell out of me but over time I'll get used to it, it is an awesome heli.