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Posted by Hostage-46 | Nov 25, 2007 @ 01:25 AM | 6,290 Views
Broke out the band saw to rip some balsa strips, I figured I'd get a little practice on the band saw before messing with the core spar slot. I made up a fence with few clamps and a level, and I must say I am no longer worried about the band saw and cutting accurately.

I'll get the stab together tomorrow, planform and dimensions per the plans. I am using a carbon spar. Borrowing this technique form Ed Whyte, I have a set of his stabs, paid good money for them, and they are absolutely perfect.

I'll wait in the rudder until the fuse shows up.

ACP stuff should show up next week.... I plan to build a practice panel with just FG cloth. I'll cut the spar slot, mocking up a spar with balsa and web material, and put it all together into the bag. I also plan to precut and face ailerons as outlined in the Supra. This test wing section will be used to do everything I haven't done before so I don't wreck the perfect core Les gave me. It will add at least a week to the build, but with some luck, I'll make my mistakes on the "test" panel.
Posted by Hostage-46 | Nov 25, 2007 @ 01:24 AM | 3,905 Views
Cores in house
FG fuse being fabricated
ACP order complete
RDS parts from Walt
Haryley pack, including the big steel springs....

Yep that's right, based on my conversations with the "Creator" I've decided to stay a little closer to the script. Harley was worried about carbon joiners as he's had them fail in the past...

So I'll reduce the variables. I also ordered 6 feet of carbon sleeve from ACP to use on the Supra build... depending on how it looks with some test samples, I may use it on the Genie. I believe a bagged carbon tube over the spar will be more stout then the Kevlar wrap. Before I do so, I'll send some samples to Harley to see what he thinks.

Shop clean up is in the final phases. I'm reviewing Phil's video and will start to fiddle with cores this weekend...

Goal is to fly the Genie by 12/31.
Posted by Hostage-46 | Nov 11, 2007 @ 09:36 PM | 3,492 Views
I've had the cores for over a year, finally I've decided to get to building my Genie. I've been a fan of Harley and what he does in the hobby, I saw one of his 1st LTS ships last year and just loved the RDS.

I'm looking for something with a bigger wingspan. Fact is, if you show up with a 3M ship at my club contest, you are generally going to be outwinged! I've bought my last used model, and with the high cost of a new moldie, I decided to go for it!

This will be a contest ship. My hope is that it will be allow me to hang with my Sharon flying buddies, allowing me to range further and penetrate with a better L/D then a 3M ship. I think of this as more of a short kit then a pure scratch plans build. I'm taking the available shortcuts, CNC cut core, fiberglass fuse, Walt's RDS parts.

I will stick to the script in general, however I will make three general "modifications":

For wing bagging, I'll generally defer to the techniques outlined in Phil's video.

Spar construction, I'll use the fiberglass wrap system instead of kevlar wrap as used in Drela's Supra

Joiners, I'll follow the Supra method with a basswood joiner boxes and carbon rods.