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Posted by Hostage-46 | Dec 03, 2013 @ 09:29 AM | 5,411 Views
Well it finally happened, after two years of outstanding service, my beloved Supra, #1096 has moved to a new home in Canada.

It's amazing how the technology in this hobby progresses. Back in 2011 when I started with the Supra, I truly thought I had purchased my last sailplane. After a year or so I began to pickup the nuance that people spoke about, specifically, understanding the how the model performed with smallish amounts of ballast. In the end, I flew the model with 5.5 oz on board, she seemed to handle more easily, carrying inertia better and generally more efficient. On dead air, calm days, I few with no ballast at the 57 oz.

Over the last year or so the marketplace has responded to a demand for lighter weight and more wingspan, in our club, here in Dallas, we've seen this manifested in the Maxa, the Aspire, and the Xplorer series.

When the Nan X2 airfoil showed up I saw something that I was looking for, better legs, landing performance.

Both the Maxa and the Xplorer offer these attributes, I chose the Xplorer based on a reasonable amount of stick time with both models.

So the RED X2 4.0 is on order from SUSA, I'm looking forward to taking her out on the circuit in 2014!

Dan in Dallas...

PS, the ship arrived on Christmas Eve, had her in the air about a week later, not bad considering the holiday. Flies as great is she looks!