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Posted by Hostage-46 | Aug 29, 2011 @ 04:43 PM | 12,287 Views
It began with Spirit back in the late 80's off the slope at Camp Pendleton Then 10 years passed and I got another Spirit, now on the flat lands of NJ
A few years later I move to Dallas an joined SLNT, that's where it got serious and I got and flew a Compulsion
Then an Ava
Then a Sapphire
Then a Genie
Then an Eraser...
And now the ultimate sailplane, in my eyes anyway. 57 ouces of practial artwork. I'm Smitten what can I say!

I had a plan, placed an order and figured I'd be flying an Aspire.

Logisitcs didn't quite work out and bit of a deley ensued, no biggie really, I wasn't in any rush.

Then Barry called to tell me about this new thing called a Maxa, he was prepping to bring to Nats. Well he let me fly it, onr morning down at eastfield. And then I got to thinking. I fly an Ava, and a Blaster 3, the Supra dealer is local and a personal friend, then Mark let me wiggle the sticks on his Supra and the decision was simple. Sent a note out cancelled the Aspire, I know someone was happy to get it, then went for a visit with Barry and Snickers.

Work and life got in the middle but I finally got her assembled, my first full house mouldie with pleny of advice from flying buddies.

57 ounces and it's a absolute work of art....see ya'll a the field!