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Posted by Hostage-46 | Aug 22, 2010 @ 08:50 PM | 8,727 Views
So it's done, it only took about two hours, as soon as I posted the Genie for sale, she was gone. I suppose that means I didn't ask enough, but I wanted her on someones hands quickly, she;s meant to fly.

Genie SGP 5 was good to me. I picked up all my contest points needed to complete my LSF IV. In the process I've become a respectable contest pilot, and I'm at a point where equipment matters. I knew this day would come. I knew it was here when I found myself just missing wood by a few points in a few consecutive contests. I'm just not good enough to beat that hardware margin.

So the plan has been 2011 with a Supra Competition Pro. But the toy airplane fund is still growing. While at lunch after a contest I got word of a very clean Eraser that was available. "Dude, you deserve that Supra.." Ya but I'll need a backup anyway, and the Genie is liquid, so the whole deal took maybe 24 hrs.

I time often for an Eraser pilot, it's a good ship, perfect for me as I move into the moldie ranks. The airplane is in superb condition, I'll be adding digital servos, and Lifo battery. I'll have to setup some external wiskers, no biggie, it works on the Ava.

So we'll finish the year with the Eraser/Ava, and in 2011 it's Supra Competition Pro/Eraser/Ava

Thermals from Big D...