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Posted by Hostage-46 | Oct 31, 2008 @ 09:57 PM | 8,668 Views
Sure has been a while since I posted here, much less worked on the Genie! Job change, Koi pond, man the list goes on!

So the other day I'm looking at email over a cup of coffee and I see an email from trusted flying buddy Mike. "Harley is selling a Genie on RCSE"

Mike knew I've been trying to get one of Harley's baby's for a while. So I shoot him a note and find out I'm second in line, damn, it's 7:00 am. Oh well...

Then a few hours later, the early riser has second thoughts on getting the funds and I'm in!!

So it won't be long now, Harley is making a box and I suspect, checking it twice

I'll soon be the proud owner of a Smooth Genie Pro. Meanwhile, I'll get around to finishing this wing, maybe mate it with the SGP fuse some day. But for now, it' goes into storage.

So soon I'll use the Genie as my primary TD contest ship, Ava backup RES. And I'll soon turn to on a Super Gee build, next thread on this blog.

Meanwhile, I will be selling the Genie fiberglass fuse, it's a work of art and it needs to go to a good home. I'll post on the for sale forum. If you're a genie builder and subscribe to this blog, send me a note and I'll make you a good deal.