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Posted by Hostage-46 | Jan 26, 2008 @ 11:25 PM | 9,665 Views
I have too many projects going, and it just got worse. I had a chance to fly a new Thermal Dancer today, and I've decided to make a "little adjustment" to my trusty hybrid Thermal Dancer, Sapphire.

Seems a bit flighty but this is actually good thing as I'll get a little practice bagging stabs. I'll assemble the fuse tomorrow and have this thing flying by next week. It really will be worth the effort. Priority always goes to flying airplanes.

On Thursday PM I did fabricate a little servo wire foam hole melting rig and tested with a piece of scrap, pretty straight forward. In addition to the little diversion, I'll cut the flaps and ailerons, add in the balsa sub-spar at the TE and inner edge of the flap. And burn in the servo holes. I'll go with Harley's technique, cutting the core in half as I can't go quite that far otherwise without burning a hole in the core.

Busy day in the shop tomorrow.... no football so why not?

Oh and one more thing, my fuse is shipping form Pacific Sailplanes on Monday
Posted by Hostage-46 | Jan 23, 2008 @ 11:14 PM | 9,925 Views
Moving along per the schedule, 1 hr or so per night in the shop, small steps.

Spar is wrapped, In the "Genie in the from the middle" thread I posted a question on Kevlar thread. Tony E was good enough to send me a spool, good karma goes a long way....

Turns out I had 3 packs of 1/8 kevlar ribbon, 90 feet of it. And it worked out very nicely, I used about 89 feet No more Kevlar left but I have some 1/8 carbon ribbon that I'll probably use to wrap the tip boxes.

I laid the pieces together, spar, end caps leading edge and aft section of the cores. I made a slight departure, adding a wooden bolt beam chordwise at the center of the panel. It serves two purposes, makes for a robust hold down for the aft bolt, and will be a solid anchor for a DB connector pin, I'm not a fan of cables or wires.

I fabricated the end caps by stacking and sanding all at once, somehow I managed to make them all about 1/4 too short. No worries, like the Gunny said, that's a 30 min redo.

I'll do that tomorrow and swing by Home Depot on the way home from work to pick up a propane torch. Need to melt some servo wire holes.

A also need to make a template so I can find the main wing hold down bolt after bagging.

Next is cutting the flaps and ailerons on Saturday.

Time to start thinking about wing color, painting mylars as soon as Sunday, maybe Monday.
Posted by Hostage-46 | Jan 21, 2008 @ 10:33 PM | 10,103 Views
No pictures tonight, but an hour or so of progress none the less. I cut the spar to length, which was nothing more then cutting the blade boxes in half.

I tested out the springs, very tight, but will loosen with time. Better to start tight IMHO.

I rough cut the end caps, will sand them down to contour tomorrow. I also remembered that I neglected to seal the blade boxes to prevent epoxy from seeping in during bagging. For this I put a lite coat of gorrilla glue over the boxes, hopefull that won't seep in as well. If it does I'll be able to work it out with the spring steel.

Tomorrow I'll wrap the spar, and fine sand the end caps, that ought to occupy an evening session.

Next will be servo wire holes and cutting flaps and ailerons. I'm going the pre cut/faced method as outlined in Drela'a Supra. For this I'm in my own, it is a departure from the plans, but a fairly common technique. This is where I'll use the spare core I've mentioned in previous posts.

More tomorrow..
Posted by Hostage-46 | Jan 20, 2008 @ 10:54 PM | 9,974 Views
"You never have time to do it right, but you always have time to do it again..."

I suspect I'll build two Genies before I'm done

The objective today was to get the spar stacked and glued. One of the things I've been thinking about on all of those business trips is that I DO NOT want to make the fundamental mistake of building the spar too thick and have it show up as a bump in the wing.

The plan is to complete the spar an 1/8" or so narrower then the core, and lay over soft balsa over the spar and sand it down flush to the top of the core.

Well today I noticed that my joiner boxes were a bit close, I used beefier ply on the top/bottom and it was just a bit too thick for comfort. I started sanding and realized it was just easier to build a few new boxes, what's an hour anyway in the scheme of things?

Once complete I made a poster board template and cut the spar webs, they fit perfectly. from there I just went via the plans, and stacked the spar I used 30 min epoxy and painters tape to hold it all together. The Lexan work bench worked very nicely for this, the spar looks like it came out nicely.

Tomorrow I'll give her a wrap
Posted by Hostage-46 | Jan 19, 2008 @ 10:41 PM | 10,056 Views
From Thanksgiving to Christmas I took 6 business trips, it's good to be busy! The pace has slowed a bit, but I expect I'll make about 20 or so trips this year.

It occurs to me that if I could be better organized, and keep things reasonably tidy, I could get in and out a for 1 or 2 hour sessions, that translates to 4 to 8 hours of shop time during the week instead of, well, watching TV or surfing the web.

Why the concern about shop habits? N872P is why, my next project is a 1:1 scale, RV-8. Been daydreaming for too long, as in 20 yrs! VAF #1 is my nieghbor, and he's the guy that gave me the $$ ride after daydeaming for a few decades. I realize now I could have built three of them by now!

That means I really need to get better about keeping my shop in good shape and clean. I generally build something in a flurry of tools, dust and clutter. At the end of the project I pull out a decent toy, and leave the shop in a disaster until I get the urge to build again.

Does this sound like a confession?

So I found my self in a pile of dust and wood chips and realized that;
A) Too much crap on the bench to hope for a decent bagging job
B) My cores were getting tore up on the surface by bits of dried glue and general mess
C) I need to get the RV-8 tail kit catalaloged and put away.

The solution was a total tear down of the shop. Now I realize how lucky I am to have a shop like this. It's 20' by 12' air conditoned. It was one of the...Continue Reading


Posted by Hostage-46 | Jan 19, 2008 @ 10:30 PM | 9,917 Views