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Posted by slopemeno | Jun 26, 2012 @ 06:32 PM | 9,280 Views
Well, I finally got two weeks off. It's Tuesday, I have three planes scattered in pieces around the kitchen, I'm snow blind from looking for pinholes on a white primed wing, I smell like Kilz Primer, and I'm in the middle of a Seth Penery-esq *BUILD FRENZY*

At the moment I'm closing out the ailerons on my Higgins F-20. Made some torque rods with 4/40 hardware. Got the tail mounted on it this morning after taking the wife to work. I can't stress how much I hate cutting ailerons- is it just me? Actually, If I could just force myself to sit down and do one part of the build from beginning to end these planes really go together quick- but I can't seem to get more then 10 minutes a night at the bench when I'm working.

I'm also doing some cleanup on last summers Rodent- I figure it's time to paint it. Basic white primer is sub-optimal in the fog days of summer. I bent the nose off of it at the Higgins-fest, and I've managed to do all the repairs- now it's just a matter of the cosmetics. Probably go with a Rustoleum white and some high-vis patterns on the wings and tails. I also need to hinge ailerons with E-6000- that makes a strong hinge.

I'm also getting two NSP Hillbillys repaired and back in the air- they're cheap fun, and loaded up fly quick and have a nice moldy whistle. Three full size servos too, which makes them a candidate for some recycled gear.