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Posted by slopemeno | Oct 09, 2011 @ 09:33 PM | 9,616 Views
"Drop your sticky scissors.." the DJ on KOZT said "And go outside!"

I was cruising north on Hwy 1 near Manchester beach in Mendocino County CA, checking out the trees waving in the wind. It looked like about 20-25 mph NNW. I knew a spot.

I pulled into the parking lot of the Navarro Bluffs County park and the wind had picked up. The Navarro Bluffs sit just north of the Navarro River, and form a 'wind cheat'- the wind climbs over the bluffs rather than make the sharp turn into the mouth of the river.

I picked up my Performance Composites Starling and my Alula and walked to the lip. It was *going*. It was good. I should have left the Alula in the car... The 50' cliff drops straight off into the Pacific Ocean, and there's only a tiny beach over to the right to bail out.

I plugged in the Starling and wiggled the sticks- deep breath. It's going to be OK. I walked to the edge and glanced over. 6' high waves crashed into the rocks. I chucked the Starling out, and it shot up in a solid band of lift. Even though the wind was NNW the face turned the air WNW, and made a really nice stack of lift that seemed to go up 250' or so.

OK- half pipes. The air was a touch rough down low, but the half pipes were big and effortless. Loops, rolls, a loopchevak or two.

Landing approaches are a bit touchy- drop below the shear and your plane rockets ahead. Fortunately the LZ is huge- a hundred yard square.

If you're in the area and the wind gods are in your corner- try this spot.