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Posted by slopemeno | Feb 26, 2011 @ 08:49 PM | 10,528 Views
This is NOT a for sale/wanted thread, but are you like me- do you have that que of planes in your head that you want to build, maybe*again*, and the kits are long gone?

Here's what slopemeno would like to build again, or have stuffed in the rafters for a rainy day, or be able to hand off to young Alex, his nephew:

Another TG-3 kit or two (or three) :That was the VW Microbus of slope soarers back in the mid to late 90's. The first one I was was owned by Phil Lonz. It was such a cool, simple idea that I had to have one. Mine flew great- it would hang with the CR Climmax in light lift, but would dive so fast it was ridiculous. I flew it in every kind of condition from flat-field off of a high start to 40 mph at the coast. I finally gave it to a kid I met when I was flying on a slope in Oakland in the late 90's. I hope he got some use out of it.

The Zipper: That was a fun little plane- I'd probably go for the 48" version though, and the other airfoil- the less pitchy one- this time please. I'm putting servos in the wing of the next one too. I need a canopy if anyone has one.

The Bowmans Ruffneck/Commanche. Not fast- not even super maneuverable, but they were fun. I picked one up off the want ads a few years ago but I'd like another. I'm surprised someone hasn't copied it with a more modern airfoil and issued it, like Skyking, or L2 etc.

The original Zagis- made from white foam with no EPP. They were cheap, thin, fast, and flew like nothing we had...Continue Reading