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Posted by slopemeno | Sep 21, 2008 @ 12:13 AM | 13,685 Views
More perfect days at the Civic Center slope...

I was driving out to tick when Joe Strakowski called me and warned me that the fog was in at the coast. He said that he and Bruce were going to head up to the Civic Center slope. I wasn't up to climbing that thing today...or so I thought.

So I headed out to Tick, and the fog was heavy. I hung around and though.."Hmm. Do I want to freeze in the fog, or hike up Civic Center?"

I headed to Civic Center. We've been talking about a new route up that would allow you to carry a few more planes than the little trail will, but take less time than the single-track "Canary" trail would. I parked at the new trail access point, saddled up and headed out...Man this hill is WINDY today. The new route keeps you cooler with almost constant wind blowing across the trail
and a lower grade than the "Joe" trail. The walk was about 1/2 I brought too many planes...My Me-109, my Miraj, Shredder, and Mini-Acacia.

Up at the top I could hear Bruces "Cloud Climber" TD plane screeching around on the front side. That plane makes more noise than a 737. I wheezed up and dumped all my gear and took a break to get my wind back.

The wind was cool and coming in at about 10-15 mph, and lifty. I started out with my Mini-Acacia, and jumped right into the DS groove- man this this thing is *stable*. After a bit Joe put his Destiny up and really put on a show ripping up the groove.

I flew...Continue Reading