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Posted by slopemeno | Jan 20, 2008 @ 01:34 AM | 12,295 Views
Well, as usual, Reed was right. At the Jartfest, we started talking about work, and flying, and the big days.

"It should be a Mavericks style call-out" Reed said. "Drop what you're doing and get to the slope".

We had a bit of a dry run at Vollmer and Rattlesnake on Thanksgiving. We had some decent winds, but I thought it might be light so I brought a Gentle Lady rather than my Higgins plane...big mistake. It was rockin'. The lift was huge. Infopimp took some good video, and I think the die was cast.

So we got some good south winds, and I PM'd BillO, Checkenbach, and a few other guys. This spot is an under-the-radar-special, but i figured these guys could keep it under their hats, and had the chops to fly at a really good spot. Unfortunately, the wind sorta clocked around to the SE, which makes this spot less-than-stellar, but we all got some good high-speed passes in. Best quote of the day was BiilO, as I came blasting through the compression-zone with my Alias "..don't hurt me Tony"

Then new years day rolled around. I headed out to Tilden but I brought some heavier planes. I flew my Shredder at Vollmer, then BillO called from could hear the wind blowing in his phone. I put away the Shredder and scurried down to Rattlesnake. It was blasting and freezing. It was amazing air. I flew my Destiny, and my Starlight there, but the starlight was in reverse the whole flight. I kicked myself...I should have...Continue Reading