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Posted by slopemeno | Sep 04, 2007 @ 04:28 PM | 11,192 Views
Well, three days off is a treat. I flew Saturday and Monday, but I slept most of Sunday away.

Traffic on Saturday was pretty light considering the Bay Bridge was closed for retrofit. The lift was a waiting game. I got to Four Corners at noon, and ran into Joe S. Tick Point was in heavy, slow moving fog. We talked for an hour until the wind came up, and I flew my Star-light for about an hour. The lift was mediocre at best. Finally- the fog cleared at Tick, so we jumped in the cars and went down there.

At the coast, the wind was barely moving, and it was super hot. I was able to fly my Starlight and Shredder, but landing the Shredder was a chore since there was nearly NO wind coming across the slope to help you slow down. I flew some loose formation with Dr. Dan and his Katie 2. Dan is primarily a gas/electric flyer, but we wont hold that against him....will we? It was fun showing him the fast line in some light air. I left a little early since I could feel a good sunburn coming on. Bashed the tail of my Sparrow getting it out of the car...gotta make a new tail for that plane.

I cut out the pallet for the fuse servos on my Miraj, and adjusted the pushrods to make sure they were close to fitting. I'll have to fill up a BUNCH of holes in the sides of the fuse from the previous owner making what looked like a few attempts (four, and I guess he was happy on the fifth, since there were no less than TEN holes in the left side of the fuse) to get the pallet...Continue Reading