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Posted by slopemeno | Apr 29, 2007 @ 01:02 AM | 10,254 Views
Willie in Reno. Great show- if you havent seen him...GO!
Posted by slopemeno | Apr 11, 2007 @ 12:55 AM | 10,182 Views
No, seriously, lets talk about this for a second.

What IS it with the Maura Tierney/Kim Deal/Picabo Street look? I dont freakin' get it..Why would three people be able to play either one of each other in a made-for-tv-kinda way, yet be totally unrelated?

Sometimes I wonder.

You kids under 25 just go back to reading the devilscries thread, you'll find it more entertaining...he speaks to your demographic.

Anyway, yeah, its like you could have Maura Tierney play any one of these three, including herself, and, I suppose Kims twin sister Kelley.
Posted by slopemeno | Apr 09, 2007 @ 01:24 AM | 10,346 Views
How many good days do you get?

I was kinda struck with this though today as I was flying at this amazing slope with Longdollar, Joe S, and SSCB. Figure 52 weekends in a year, plus a few vacation and, uh, "sick" days, so lets say 104, plus, lets say 10, so 114 flying days in a year. You probably didnt start flying until you are 20, and lets say 70 is a nice round number of years, so 114 x 50= 5700 days? And out of that how many are standout?

Today was one of those. The spot we were flying in Marin was SUCH GOOD AIR it was beyond description...but here goes: Joe Strakowky's Mach Dart was a missile... He came screaming down from about 1000 feet and slashed past the DS groove out into the still air in the backside...127 mph on the front side! He would whip a 180 and come rocketing back out onto the front side at about 110 mph.

I ds'd my Destiny and Starling...slowly..carefully. I got my Destiny specked out, and got up to 117 mph diving and whipping back into the backside...Gotta come up with a catchy term for this...slingshotting er sumpin'.

Longdollar flew his Eagle F3B plane that screams like a 737 going around the DS circle. He let me fly it on Saturday and I have to say thats the most accurate flying plane I've ever flown. REALLY precise and placeable- If you fly it into a bank and leave it there it holds that andle as the energy state decays slowly...amazing.

This was a great weekend.