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Posted by slopemeno | Sep 08, 2006 @ 01:30 PM | 10,876 Views
Another crushing week at work...gotta make some changes there.

I was in British Columbia and Alberta from the 25th thru the 5th of September. Man, what amazing country. Stayed at 3-gorges, Lake Louise, Bow Valley, and Banff, then flew back out of Calgary. I would seriously consider living there. In Banff theres a gondola ride to the top of Sulpher Mtn and you could *easily* fly there, but it would be a foam-only proposition since its trees and rocks at the top. The views there werent bad either...and I aint talking about the counrtyside. Canada has more beautiful women per capita than anyplace I've ever been.

So, it was nice to lay off of flying for two weekends and not have to deal with the same old grind. When I got home my cats were actually happy to see us, not like the last time where the looked at us like we bombed their houses for a week afterward.

I need to finish my Quick-Flick-II. I was able to score some laminating film, so if anyone in the Bay Area is building something similat and needs a couple a feet let me know. I need a change of pace from the usual 60" slopers.

If anyone is interested in a HobieHawk I have a fairly clean one for sale. I'd prefer not to ship it, truth be known, so hopefully someone in the bay area will read this and let me know.

I was able to get out and fly on Labor Day, and that was nice. Longdollar, Joe, Slopeflier33 and myself spent a pleasant afternoon tearing up the sky.
Mark aka "longdollar" was ripping it up with his 2 meter Blade. It was nice to fly my mach Dart side by side with 2 others, and it seems like my performance wasnt hurt by the crash/repairs. I really like that plane; it just has amazing, predictable handling.

I'm building a Rodent for a guy, Matt. We'll see if this is something I would consider doing more of. Kinda buildy, but I really love the whole Higgins plane thing. His should come out nice from what I've seen so far.