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Posted by slopemeno | Aug 18, 2006 @ 11:58 AM | 8,162 Views
Man- what a week at work. Just too busy to take a deep breath.

I finished the repars to my poor little Mach Dart last night. I stuffed that plane in back in July. I was showing my wife what outside snaps look like, and, well, I got 2.5 rotations when I only wanted 2, which left my going downwind, right in front of the slope, at about 20 feet of altitude, at a dead stop. I did the best i could to get it turned back into the wind, but I pancaked into the slope (hard) on the right wingtip and nose. The Mach Dart has a central wingbolt and a small sacraficial bolt at the TE. Well, since I had all the right-roll I had held in, the right wing tip hitting the ground snapped the rear wing bolt, causing the plane to do its imitation of a pair of scissors. The wing rotated 90 degrees and did the following damage:

Destroyed about 6" of the inboard end of the right aileron. mangled it.

The trailing edge of the right wing sliced thru the bottom skin of the v-tail on the right side. The v-tail got all sorts of cracks in the center section due to the forces.

The fuse broke right behind the trialing edge

I stripped a set of gears in the right side JR-341 servo.

Well, the tail wasnt super hard to fix. I was able to taper the skins out toward the cut, and layed on some uni-d carbon, feathered it out, layed on a layer of .75 oz glass cloth (love that stuff), and bondoed (bondod?) the heck out of it to make it look as close to stock as I could.

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Posted by slopemeno | Aug 13, 2006 @ 08:44 PM | 7,274 Views
Been flying my CR Raider lately. Lots of fun but I think the horizontal stab is under-volume. It hunts quite a bit in pitch.

Flew at Los Banos with Bruce (slopeflyer33) and it was decent, but really hot. Seriously hot. I brought a carfull of planes. Its a fun place to fly but dang thats a long way to drive for some average slope lift.