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Posted by slopemeno | Jun 07, 2006 @ 02:54 AM | 6,705 Views
Bloggy-McBlogerson...Man, Ive been so busy with work that I dont really appreciate the flying on the weekends anymore...
Last weekend I flew my Mach Dart, My destiny, and my Shredder. Man, that Shredder is a great flying plane. Big, carving lines that dont seem to lose any energy. I had a bit of an accident on landing; I slid juuust too far on the janding, almost did a touch-and-go, but blew over at the edge and cracked the tailboom. Soaked it with CA, bondo'd, and painted it.

Got in some amazing thermal action with the Mach Dart at Four Corners on Sunday. Screaming dives and passes, and some gargantuan loops followed.

Since I'm on this twist-wing-thing lately, I PM'd Oronator who had some Contender plans, and managed to work a deal for the Woody Contender plans. I've been looking for these plans for over two years. Cant wait to build/fly it.
Oran also threw in two sets of CRTurbo fuse kits, which is awesome, since I have a set of wings and actuators for the Turbo left over. My old Turbo-S was a great flying little plane at a mere 14 ounces. I'd love to build another for the convenience of a 54" wingeron that flies in next to no wind. It was a fun plane that didnt last too long in my hands...I was a little early in the learning curve, I think I bought it in 1996?

Planes under construction right now are the Higgins F-20, Jart,Higgins R-3, and a ground up rebuild of a AeroMod "MiraJ" that Steve Situm donated to wet my F3F appetite. Heavily crashed, but totally rebuildable with a set of joiners and some TLC. Oh, and a K&A Mini-1 that Ive been building since 1997 too. man, am I the worlds slowest builder or WHAT?