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Posted by slopemeno | Mar 20, 2006 @ 01:42 PM | 6,305 Views
Blog update: I got to fly Reeds Jart a week ago and it was so sweet. Definite treat-time. I was flying at the "Big-W" slopw site after work on Wednesday, 3-15 and screwed up a landing with my Zipper, which meant a climb down the side of a 400' cliff to retrieve it.

Flying weekend of 3-18, I flew my Alias, and just about every other plane I own. Alias, Mach Dart, Destiny, Zipper, Hillbilly,Sparrow, and Turbo all flew. The sole exception was my Genesis since the wind was coming up. Its a struggle to get that many planes in the car. Crashed the Zipper because I launched with a broken horn I didnt see.

On 3-19, I brought only three planes: Destiny, Mach Dart, and the Turbo. Poor Turbo.... That plane is my go-to crasher I guess. I've pulverized that plane so many times, and, uh, I did it again. It had been needing all the down trim available, so I landed and changed the trim via the clevis. I turned the clevis the wrong way, however, and the thing was flying around in a near-stall. I lost control and it went in hard, breaking the fuse into three pieces.
I tried piecing it together, and made a mess of it, and in a fit of pique broke it over my knee. I took my time on the second attempt, and tacked it together with CA. Once I got the major alignment issues corrected (and they were many. Five major fuse rebuilds had left it looking like a banana, with a right bend) I tacked some uni-directional carbon in place with CA so I can handle it without breaking it again. Tonite I'm going to go crazy with some major uni-d repairs on the inside and outside of the fuse. I'm so freakin tired of major rebuilds of this plane, but it flies so sweet when the lift is about 20.