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Posted by slopemeno | Feb 23, 2006 @ 04:27 PM | 5,733 Views
Well, I had tuesday off as a kinda, "get over the travel" day after my trip to my Dad's place in PHX. I went out to Tick to try to test fly the Genesis. Veeeery still out there, just big thermals floating up the hill. I flew the Mach Dart and I was suprised how well that thing flew as an ersatz hand-launch. I say fan-the-rudder-servo on 60"ers, and I'm right...No rudder servo and it cored small thermals perfectly. Still havent got to wring it out at speed, but hopefully this weekend will have some promise-the weather is coming in.

Anyway-the Genesis. The lift was maybe 5mph, and very sporadic. I waited until the wind seemed to be near-peaking (has anyone here ever screamed those words? "I'm PEAKING!"...anyway...) and chucked it off. I was a little tail-heavy, probably due to all that Krylon. Other than that it flew beautifully, responding to lift as though it was a handlaunch with what-ever-that-syndrome-Abe-Lincoln-had...was. Anyway, you get the idea. Cored small thermals well, responded to lift RIGHT NOW. It signalled lift with its tail suddenly lifting noticeably. It didnt pylon turn as well, so that had me scratching my head, so maybe I need to try to program the non-thermal setting more towards a snap-flap, non rudder setting.
The landings was pretty much a non-event. I had taken a shot in the dark on the crow/ele settings, and got fairly lucky. Since there was nearly no wind across the LZ it landed a touch fast, but , sheesh, whats a guy gotta do to get 15 mph around here anyway? Cant wait to wring it out on an Eastside day. Ive flown Slopeflyer33's and its rocksolid. Glad I bought it.
Posted by slopemeno | Feb 15, 2006 @ 01:20 PM | 7,027 Views
Man....sometimes I just cant get going at work, y'know?..

I need to fly...this light lift last weekend, ugh. I shoehorned a lot of planes in the Corolla for nuthin'. Brought the Zipper to work today so I can fly at Secret Spot (or secret-er spots...) after work today. I need to build a Zipper that would be a trunk-plane. Probably 54" (note: Corolla-size) span, glassed, reinforced or otherwise reengineered tail group (am I the only person who breaks the tail every time I fly now?) with a cheap radio (got a bunch of attack -4's) and cheap servos (modified with the Birdworks kinks) for after-work stress relief. That way, it wouldnt be the end of the world if the plane gets snagged out of my trunk, or some similar near-death experience. Foam wont hold up in a trunk too long, and it needs to work in medium light lift.
I cant believe how much flying affects my mood.
Posted by slopemeno | Feb 15, 2006 @ 02:09 AM | 6,519 Views
Hey check it out...uh...yeah. Blog huh?

Man it figures. I maiden the mach dart in handlaunch weather on sat, sunday I have a CR Raider and an RnR Genesis ready...NO WIND.
But tuesday evening, WIND, but I cant go fly, i have to do valentines stuff. Oh well. I'll take the zipper to secret spot wednesday and tear it up. Oh, and of course I cant fly this weekend since I'll be in PHX. No Brown Slope action any more either, and that was a good slope.

Soooo- I'm going to build my ArtHobby Universal, which should make sure that winds will be 50+ sustained for the rest of the year. Anybody want to see me build a handlaunch? ...Could be worth it to some of you freshman Higgins Plane owners, and you know who you are...

Is it just me but dont Picabo Street, Kim Deal, and Muara Tierney all share the same wrinkley forehead?