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Posted by Power Up | Dec 27, 2012 @ 04:02 PM | 4,401 Views
Well the old Trex 500CF purchased Mid-July 2008 is going under the knife Received the DFC parts today, along with a full bearing set, FBL unit / Rx / and a few other goodies… Talk about bringing out the kid in me (nothing but giggles and grins) I’m pumped!

Actually it was a double whammy . UPS dropped off my pride & joy - 68 Gretsch Tennessean (6119). I had sent it in for a fret job + rewire one of the HiloTron’s. Great to have my baby back. Just love the broad range of tones, from brilliant highs to mellow lows with the flick of a switch. Just like Idle Up … Double stoked!!

BTW… this babies been in my life for 45 years. Just one of the Gretsch lineup that the late Chet Atkins had his signature on. It was also a fav of the late George Harrison (Beatles) in his early years, along with the late Davey Jones (Monkees) Hmmm… bless their souls but I see a trend here .