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Posted by Power Up | Apr 01, 2011 @ 03:09 PM | 9,064 Views
Got the itch again… Mini Titan 325SE

I always liked the design of the Mini. It was a pleasure to fly and in the event of mishap or just regular maintenance a snap to work on. Was definitely a well thought out bird, as most owners will attest to. Only issue… mine had (plastic version) varying tracking problems from the get-go. One flight it would be right on the pin, next flight it could be off half an inch. Weird! This became very annoying and eventually followed the advice of others who were having similar issues. Upgraded the rotor hub and mixing arms to metal and viola, no more tracking issues… ever!

The SE was fantastic. Quieter, smoother, reacted much quicker than the plastic version with the same settings. Definitely caught my attention the first couple of flights (attribute some of this cyclic quickness to the green paddles).
This Heli logged a lot of flights during the summer of 2010. On a calm day it flew much like my TR 500’s. I only dorked it once and the damage was minimal. Very nice smooth flying Heli that handles much bigger than it looks.

Present set-up:
Align BL60G.. sits between the rails perfectly.
JGF500/13T…3S Hyperion 2200’s
Futaba R617FS
Futaba GY520/9257

Quickly became my favorite Mini…