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Posted by Power Up | Apr 26, 2013 @ 01:01 AM | 3,959 Views
Finally a decent kind of Spring day, without a North wind howling down the Avenue. I jumped at the opportunity to get in my 1st flights of the season. Once out and about found it to be still a tad chilly with the mercury hovering around the freezing point, but I had six lipo’s charged and ready to go, there was no stopping now .

It’s been 5 months since my last outing so the excitement was at its peak. Damn, this 1st flight adrenaline pump is definitely getting stronger each and every year, which dawned on me – 64 in 10 days . Time flies when you’re having fun !

Flight plan: Get over first hop jitters with the Mini Titan. Maiden the ol’ Trex 500 with the DFC conversion. Maiden the 6S stretched Mini Titan...
Well, plan went off without a hitch. Not one single issue. Didn’t do much more than putz around, threw in the odd piro; a few pumps; little orientation; but mostly did a lot of grinin’. There was a fleeting moment where I was gonna toss in a flip but my better judgement kept me in check. Nonetheless, what a fantastic day! Great to be back in the air…

My wife was kind enough to hang out and be my official photographer. Our camera is far from the best for this type of shoot, but most of them turned out not too bad. Thanks Sweetheart !

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Posted by Power Up | Feb 03, 2013 @ 04:11 PM | 4,174 Views
Finished up the DFC conversion on the ol’ 500. Pretty bare mechanically. Sure makes for a clean look. Installed another Skookum 540. Love the Wizards! Love the simplicity of the set-up! Love the secure feeling! Thumbs up to Skookum!!

Depending on the weather it could be a couple of months before I actually get to maiden her, hopefully sooner, but lately Mother Nature has been brutal . This past week has seen the Temperature dip into the -40C range. Frikkin’ Cold!! Even for an old Northerner like me…

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Posted by Power Up | Dec 27, 2012 @ 04:02 PM | 4,420 Views
Well the old Trex 500CF purchased Mid-July 2008 is going under the knife Received the DFC parts today, along with a full bearing set, FBL unit / Rx / and a few other goodies… Talk about bringing out the kid in me (nothing but giggles and grins) I’m pumped!

Actually it was a double whammy . UPS dropped off my pride & joy - 68 Gretsch Tennessean (6119). I had sent it in for a fret job + rewire one of the HiloTron’s. Great to have my baby back. Just love the broad range of tones, from brilliant highs to mellow lows with the flick of a switch. Just like Idle Up … Double stoked!!

BTW… this babies been in my life for 45 years. Just one of the Gretsch lineup that the late Chet Atkins had his signature on. It was also a fav of the late George Harrison (Beatles) in his early years, along with the late Davey Jones (Monkees) Hmmm… bless their souls but I see a trend here .
Posted by Power Up | Nov 26, 2012 @ 01:09 AM | 4,833 Views
Time flies when you’re having fun, a tad too quick for my liking. Birds are once again back in the hangar (like a month ago )

Finally took the plunge and upgraded/updated one of my Mini Titans to FBL.

Followed the Skookum set-up vids and Wizards to a Tee which led to a foolproof installation, followed by an uneventful maiden. Only managed 20 flights with it before the weather took a turn for the worse. I’m not really noticing a huge difference between it and my other Mini’s. To me… on a good day, they all fly like they are on rails. Perhaps if I flew something other than mild aerobatics the FBL set-up would have left me with more of a wow factor. Nonetheless, part count is low and it looks cool…

I may do the same for either the Logo 400 or the Trex 500. Leaning towards the Trex and a DFC head…
Posted by Power Up | Apr 08, 2012 @ 12:26 AM | 4,987 Views
Finally got to maiden TT’s Mini Titan UH-1 Huey conversion kit with the full fuselage installed. Good solid ship- flew like a champ. Should make for a good conversation piece when the Grandkids are over .

Yeah… I’m still all FB’s .
Posted by Power Up | Jan 29, 2012 @ 11:26 PM | 6,294 Views
Weather Today – Clear, winds out of the North, - 25C.

A couple of weeks ago I finally made some changes to the hobby room. Swapped tables with the one in the garage, added a 22” leaf so now I have plenty of room for builds and most of the necessary tools are within arm’s reach. Presently in the midst of a TT UH-1 Huey which is turning out to be a fun build. Hoping for an early spring…

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Posted by Power Up | Dec 10, 2011 @ 06:51 PM | 5,641 Views
The 2011 outdoor Heli season is done . Now what?? I’ve been meaning to give the hangar a facelift, which usually amounts to nothing more than rearranging a few things . I may get serious this time around and do something different. NOT!!
Anyhow, the birds require some TLC, a couple of them have been neglected for most of the summer. I’ll start with those after I do a little sorting… Grrrrrr!!
Posted by Power Up | May 21, 2011 @ 03:32 PM | 6,278 Views
Yep… couldn’t resist. Hobby room takes on yet another bird. Trex 550.

One thing for certain… the parts are definitely easier to manipulate. Build went smoothly with no issues; actually it is very similar to the 500 with the exception of the base plate. All in all… fun build.

Due to the terrible spring weather it sat around looking purty for close to a month. Finally got to maiden her the first week in May. To date only have a dozen flights on it, nonetheless each and every one had me grinnin’ like a toddler in a candy store. Very nice smooth flying Helicopter.

A few build pic’s… typical Align....Continue Reading
Posted by Power Up | Apr 01, 2011 @ 03:09 PM | 9,083 Views
Got the itch again… Mini Titan 325SE

I always liked the design of the Mini. It was a pleasure to fly and in the event of mishap or just regular maintenance a snap to work on. Was definitely a well thought out bird, as most owners will attest to. Only issue… mine had (plastic version) varying tracking problems from the get-go. One flight it would be right on the pin, next flight it could be off half an inch. Weird! This became very annoying and eventually followed the advice of others who were having similar issues. Upgraded the rotor hub and mixing arms to metal and viola, no more tracking issues… ever!

The SE was fantastic. Quieter, smoother, reacted much quicker than the plastic version with the same settings. Definitely caught my attention the first couple of flights (attribute some of this cyclic quickness to the green paddles).
This Heli logged a lot of flights during the summer of 2010. On a calm day it flew much like my TR 500’s. I only dorked it once and the damage was minimal. Very nice smooth flying Heli that handles much bigger than it looks.

Present set-up:
Align BL60G.. sits between the rails perfectly.
JGF500/13T…3S Hyperion 2200’s
Futaba R617FS
Futaba GY520/9257

Quickly became my favorite Mini…
Posted by Power Up | Mar 23, 2011 @ 01:24 AM | 7,041 Views
Yeah… caved again!

Heard thru’ the grapevine there was a promotion of sorts going on at ReadyHeli. With the purchase of a Logo 400 FB you would get a Free Futaba GY520, which at the time listed for 200. (have since been reduced to 150. or so) Never one to pass up a deal, especially with it being a Logo (bottom end one mind you) but nevertheless a Logo (fiber injected plastic ) I jumped on it. I also picked up the Hacker A-40 1350 and the X-70 SB-Pro ESC, R617FS, 3/9650’s, 9254 to merry up with the GY520. Hmmm… Free stuff means purchasing more stuff. Perhaps not so lucrative after all .

Enjoyed the build. Head was different than any of the birds in my hangar so had to pay extra attention during this phase. Being the FB version it was lacking a few of the goodies that are included with the FBL kit but all in all I was fine with the end result. Maiden went off without a hitch.

Yup, things were getting a tad tight in my hangar. Had to modify a shelf or two.
Posted by Power Up | Mar 20, 2011 @ 03:54 PM | 6,526 Views
It just never seems to end… I am hooked!!

Decided to purchase another Trex 500 CF. Now that I had Fast 2.4ghz Tx my goal was to make a direct comparison… TT vs Belt; Scorpion 1600 vs Align BL500; Fast 2.4ghz vs 72mhz PCM 1024. Nothing like observing this on your own. There were many varying opinions and I was overly curious .

I might add… the 500ESP’s were now on the market so I picked this CF up for a very good price.

The Trex with the Lightning Bolt was sporting the Scorp 1600, R6014FS Receiver, 3/9650's, 401/9257, OEM ESC and a belt.
Posted by Power Up | Mar 19, 2011 @ 04:33 PM | 6,840 Views
Decided to retire my Futaba 7CAP and purchase a 10CHP that was then Futaba’s latest (which has since been discontinued ). Regardless, it has fit the bill and suits me fine. It gives me the dual capabilities of using my R146iP’s with a synthesizer module on 72mhz or the TM-10 Fast Module on 2.4ghz. This arrangement has worked out well since I had half a dozen 146’s that had given me flawless results that I was able to utilize with this Transmitter without issue.

Early Spring 2009
Picked up another Mini Titan along with a Cobra Kit. Turned out to be a fun build .
Posted by Power Up | Mar 19, 2011 @ 01:11 AM | 6,692 Views
Mid July 2008 picked up a Trex 500 CF. This bird had me puckering a tad on spool-up. Once she cleared the deck it was pure joy. Quickly became my new favorite.

Futaba R146iP
Cyclic- Futaba 9650’s
OEM Motor & ESC
Posted by Power Up | Mar 18, 2011 @ 12:25 PM | 6,493 Views
I found the MX's to be a great Heli' for learning. For the most part they are pretty docile due to the limited cyclic. Sure had fun with these during the summer of 2007 .