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Posted by DarkWolf | Mar 17, 2007 @ 11:38 PM | 2,350 Views
Well, if you read my last blog post you've noticed I got and subsequently crashed my new Honeybee CP2. Since I don't have any good LHS I went online and found the parts I needed. I decided to order from HeliDirect.com, which has fare prices.

Unfortunately I made the order on the 14th and it's been sitting in "Processing" limbo since then. Because of this I decided to browse the for sale section on the forums.

EVIL they are! I've found WAY too much stuff that I want and am tempted to buy from you all.

One of the things I found was someone selling a Honeybee CP2 airframe with direct drive tail.

Heck, I couldn't resist. Just the sight of a CP2 intact (unlike mine) was enough to sway me so I PMed the seller. Gotta admit I did try a lowball, but finally jumped in at asking price.

So what are my plans for this airframe? Well, I thought for a minute that I'd hack it up for spare parts but you know, I just can't work up the heart to do that. I'll most likely be putting it in flying order.

It's already got the motors, just no servos or 4in1. I THINK that I have some micro servos that work. Else there's a source for E-Sky servos that I have for pretty cheap, so that's covered.

As for the 4in1 though I think I'll be trying to set it up with separates. I've already got 2 gyros on hand from back when I had my LMHs, plus a micro receiver. The only thing I'd need to buy there is a 2in1 (main/rotor) ESC mixer.

Who knows though. My wife may kill me well before that for getting back into (addicted) to this hobby again.
Posted by DarkWolf | Mar 16, 2007 @ 01:12 PM | 2,200 Views
Well I've been so stressed out lately that I decided I needed something to calm me down. I remembered back to when I was into RC, helis and cars; and recalled how it was so fun and was great stress relief.

Yup, it was great. So I went in search of a heli that was cheap on parts and, for that matter, cheap to buy. I came across three choices;

1.) The Blade CP (of which I'd have done the pro to start)
2.) The Night Ranger 3D
3.) The Honeybee CP2..

Now, I started out with an LMH 110, which I had two of. One was an electric test bed I converted over... I beat the heck out of them and they kept flying with no issues...

With what I started on in mind I wanted to go a little more in depth and decided on going with a CP instead of a fixed pitch bird. Looking through all the above choices I finally ended on the Honeybee CP2.

It was actually an easy choice. I looked into 3 aspects;

1.) Initial price
2.) Cost of parts
3.) Can it take a beating

The parts cost on the CP2 are extremely low in my opinion. Only costing $4 or so per part, depending on what it is. Blades are even cheap on it. My choice was made.

Off I ran to find a source for the little heli. Ebay here I come! I finally decided on a seller based out of Canada who was dealing these little helis, as well as others. I picked it up for around $110 shipped.

Now, I'll admit, having something shipped from Canada to the US was an odd idea. I normally deal in the states only but I figured what the heck....Continue Reading