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Posted by SilentPilot | Jan 14, 2016 @ 04:26 PM | 3,561 Views
Well I've finally got myself the Legend

Flight report soon I hope!!!
Posted by SilentPilot | Jan 01, 2016 @ 03:59 AM | 4,406 Views
Wishing everyone here on RCGroups all the best for 2016
Posted by SilentPilot | Dec 25, 2015 @ 06:14 AM | 2,742 Views
Merry Christmas everyone! Happy flying and safe landings to all
Posted by SilentPilot | Jun 22, 2015 @ 01:49 PM | 3,591 Views
I finally got myself a Phase 6!
I've liked the look of them since I first saw one but never wanted to build one.

I'm sure I emailed either Chris or Ripmax to see if they would ever offer their gliders as ARF. They said no. The other day I checked the Chris Foss website and there is now a ready built option. Kinda wish I knew about that a few weeks ago...

Word must have got out! Just about every thread I frequent I mention my love of the Phase 6. Then one day I got a PM out of the blue asking me if I wanted to swap one of my Adagios for a Phase 6. I didn't need to think about it. Oh yes, this swap shall be arranged!!

We duly met up and exchanged our planes. He was a great guy. Such a shame that I couldn't have stopped any longer for a coffee (or maybe even a cheeky shandy seeing as I was darn sarf) and a natter, I had to be back for tea with my Father-in-Law on Father's Day...

Today was my first full day off work. I work 3on 3off but do nights so only really get two days off per week. The forecast was for WNW at around 15kts. Absolutely ideal for my local slope.

Unfortunately the forecast was also for rain and the sky did keep getting dark, but so far only the odd light shower to contend with.

Off I go to my slope hoping that the forecast of even better conditions tomorrow will keep others away today so I can get it dialled in.
There was nobody else there. It was all mine!!!

The forecast wind direction was spot on, however, the wind strength varied from...Continue Reading
Posted by SilentPilot | Aug 31, 2014 @ 05:14 PM | 5,394 Views
My Ka8 has now been fitted with upgraded avionics!

Still using my LemonRx stabiliser but now paired with a TM1000 and a vario sensor.
The stabiliser works very well indeed! The TM picks up the Rx voltage and transmits audio vario. I use a 5S NiMH pack without a regulator so I don't need flight pack voltage.

As it is now I have audio vario on permanently plus Altitude and Rx voltage reports at the press of the trainer switch.

Flight test to follow...

Posted by SilentPilot | Jun 09, 2014 @ 12:47 PM | 5,733 Views
Another outing at Baildon today.
Easterly is my new favoirte wind direction

Flight tested my new LemonRx V3 stab in the Ka8 today.

No problems what so ever! I'm pleased that I've finally mounted the satalite and stab with optimized antennas. My OrangeRx didn't have a stab so I never anchored it!

I wish that I'd taken my small screwdriver with me, the gain was a little low, I'd have like to tested it a bit more with the remote gain. 100% still hardly did anything.

One thing that I did notice:-

When I tried a (quite steep) stall, it eventually dropped the starboard wing. No problem. Just nose over and level off.

I tried the same stall with the stab on. When it got to the same point as before the wing went down again, but this time went into a beautiful spin

Easily recovered with managable height loss. It seems that the stab probably tried to pick up the downgoing wing with aileron - further stalling that wing resulting in the spin.

Very happy with my new setup!!!

Posted by SilentPilot | Feb 08, 2014 @ 02:06 PM | 8,938 Views
I swapped the elevator servos today.

Took some doing!
I'm no expert builder so I enlisted the help of my dad to fit the new servos. They are slightly wider than the old ones (no problem), a bit shorter (no biggie, just build a bridge over the gap) but crucially they were a bit deeper than the old ones and I didn't spot this at my LHS when I got them The back needed building out so they stayed straight out to the elevator arms - this meant that the whole servo needed to be put on some blocks to stop them touching.

I don't think there is much left to do now. I'm thinking of taping all the hinges with Blenderm to seal the gaps and add further strength.
If the wind hadn't been blowing the windsock upwards then I'd have loved to have tried a maiden. As it was I dare not even taxi out for further range checking.

Maybe next week!!
Posted by SilentPilot | Jan 29, 2014 @ 09:45 AM | 5,645 Views
Almost finished now!
Two new elevator servos to go in then charge the pack

Range check went well. It says 30 paces, it was good out to 48.
Must be all the satellites!!
Posted by SilentPilot | Jan 21, 2014 @ 10:25 AM | 6,041 Views
I've had my HobbyKing Extra 330 1500mm for a while now and finally got round to setting it up.

It is sold as PnP. Yeah right. All the bits might be there but they need connecting up

My initial problem was inserting the control rods into the clevesis, they just wouldn't go by hand. I guess this was just the excuse I needed to add a cordless drill to my (growing) tool kit!

Fixing the rod into the chuck enabled me to apply enough pressure and rotation to get them to bite. A quick dremel around the ends was enough to get them into the servo arms.

This is my first plane with dual elevator. I've set it up as so in my DX8, mainly so the endpoints and subtrim can be done individually, I don't plan on any fancy Elevon mixes (not just yet anyways).

One elevator servo sounds horrid and is a bit jerky throughout the range. At first I thought that it was being driven to the extremes but it still does it on lower throws. I think I'll swap both sides for my spare Align 550 cyclic servos...

The tailwheel arrangement worries me a bit too. You have to drill a hole into the rudder for the steering arm. I'm not keen on doing this, I think I'd sooner dremel a channel into the bottom of the rudder and epoxy the arm into that...

I picked up some top tips from the guys on the Exreme Flight thread about fixing the CA hinges. The plan is to fix these up tomorrow and hopefully get a maiden in.

Posted by SilentPilot | Dec 04, 2013 @ 01:58 PM | 5,836 Views
Had a nice day at Baildon Moor with my RP today

It's been a while since I've been up there.
Got there and saw a Flying Fish doing its stuff on the west side which confirmed it was working!

As I got there another guy was rigging an electric sloper too, it had the hallmarks of a tricky session ahead...

When I got to the launch site my fingers were going numb so I just put the RP down and watched these other two guys. Once I had regained feeling in my fingers off I went!
Nothing special, just pottering around. Straight into the lift and gained height without the motor. It was nice to test the camber, reflex and crow. All seemed quite well sorted. Elevator compensation pretty much right, which is strange as last time out it was ballooning and diving all over the place at speed.

The repair I made to the rear fus must have stiffened it up with better than expected results

All in all a very nice hour or so flying, including a Crow approach and go around to test the circuit. My first time on a ridge with others too. Got a bit busy when all 3 of us were avoiding the sink that passed as a thermal went by us!

No motor run so the battery needed discharging to storage when I got home.
Glad I made an excuse to avoid the "just one last flight" disaster scenario...
Posted by SilentPilot | Nov 27, 2013 @ 05:44 AM | 6,172 Views
No ridge flying lately, Baildon moor is probably a bit messy at this time of year...

Instead I'm having fun at my gliding club with my newly acquired Yak. I keep meaning to try some basic 3D with it.

My little Edge QQ is beginning to shine as one of my favorites. The fact that the batteries can be charged so much quicker than my Extra's 2200s means that it gets the nod a lot more often.

These short days mean even less flying time at my club due to how quick it gets dark. Not much time for me once we pack up the full size stuff

Speaking of the Extra, I still like it!
It is totally stock (apart from needing to fix one of the wings on permanently), I keep meaning to beef up the tailplane sometime but never seem to get around to it

I also have a Mini-Vector to build when I get time, this will be my first pure glider since coming back to RC. Any top tips here would be most welcome!!
Posted by SilentPilot | Jun 22, 2013 @ 09:42 AM | 6,278 Views
At last!
Westerly winds combined with my days off

I went back up to Baildon, to the biggest West slope. Had about an hour with my Easyglider (Electric) all alone before someone else turned up to share the fun.

I was just plodding along trying the odd loop and chandelle but mainly just happy to glide around without power. This other guy with his V tail hot ship was doing inverted passes and big air moves! I enjoyed the show but had a hard time tracking him to avoid conflict. I was just about to shout that I was coming in when I lost him. Trying to scan for the fast mover while flying my own had me a bit worried A quick glance over my shoulder showed he was coming in himself. I carried on for about another 1/4 hour then had to pack up and go to work

Such a shame I had to go. A couple of walkers had stopped to watch, right in my landing area! I could have stopped up for hours but had to go. A quick confirmation of wind direction and a look around for an alternative landing area had me coming in to a nice spot landing

I've yet to bring my Radian Pro to the ridge, I still need to bring it back from my club. So far the RP has only been flown from flat sites so power is always needed. I have the motor cut mixed to the Gear switch and my flight mode has 2 pure sailplane mixes for camber and reflex or crow.

I'm hoping to ridge fly the RP with the motor immobilized so I can test out the camber on the throttle stick a bit better. This I hope will help prepare me for when I get a pure glider.

Posted by SilentPilot | Jun 05, 2013 @ 08:40 AM | 6,581 Views
I've been spending quite a lot of time on Baildon Moor lately with my old Easyglider (Electric!) trying out the various slopes there.

So far I've had most sucess on the North face. There hasn't been a westerly for me yet to try out the biggest slope. There was a North Easterly the other day so I ventured round to the other side to try that out. I found a nice gentle slope with decent lift so stopped there for an hour. About half way through a few others came along, we exchanged greetings and they carried on, presumably to a bigger part of the slope. I explained that I was just practising on the easy part! No mention of frequency, so they maybe noticed my 2.4 antenna...

Bring on a nice Westerly!

Posted by SilentPilot | Apr 01, 2013 @ 06:21 AM | 6,738 Views
I've lost count now of how many planes and helis I've got in the hangar.


All my newer planes are foamies, with a retired glow UnoWot and AcroWot.

The Parkzone Extra is my warmup plane and gets flown in some horrendous conditions which I wouldn't dare fly anything else!

My Spitfire IX is just a fair weather bird for now but I guess as the newness wears off that will be flown more.

I wanted to try EDF so got a Stinger64. Boy does that thing land hot! I've got a mile long runway to use yet I still knock the gear off regularly trying to get it down while I can still see it
I've taken the gear off now and plan to handlaunch/bellyland her, though last time I tried that I busted the nose...

Needing a relaxing easy flier with nose gear for days when I just want a lazy flight round without all the demands of an aerobatic taildragger I got a T-28, despite the fact I have never liked the looks of the Trojan. I wish I had waited for the Archer, I've always liked the Piper Cherokee and would love a model!

The good old Radian Pro, not much else gives me such satisfaction. You just can't beat a half hour flight, even with no thermals, then landing with the battery at storage charge!
Now that it is running Spektrum too, I'm close to getting everything on one Tx.
Oh and it flies without it's rudder my Dad took off the rudder in a mid air collision. I managed to fly a proper circuit and landing so after a quick check that nothing else was damaged I checked the CG was still good and threw it back onto the ridge. The tiny vertical stab was good enough to prevent adverse yaw and keep the tail where it belongs, though I think the aileron differential helped

I've numerous UM/UMXs. Beast 3SD, 3Sbach, Carbon Cub (which I've yet to maiden on floats), Mosquito, XP, Polecat, Champ, Stryker and MiG.
Posted by SilentPilot | Mar 23, 2013 @ 09:04 AM | 7,857 Views
I'm thinking of another helicopter for the fleet.

Something to replace my ageing mCP X.
Looks like either a Nano CPX, Blade 130 X or mCP X BL