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Posted by CaseySP | Jan 10, 2013 @ 08:25 AM | 7,171 Views
Another build - another Alfa. The Albatros D.V has always been one of my favourite WWI fighters (along with the British Bulldog and Gladiator), and is one I've had my eye on since it was first released by Alfa.

This time I used the surface mail shipping option as I had a couple of other projects underway, so opted to save a few pennies on postage.

The Albatros took 10 weeks to arrive. On opening the box - what a beautiful little aircraft - usual Alfa quality. No shipping damage, the only problem is that one of the ply blanks for the undercarriage legs and struts had a split in it right through the cabane strut. A few drops of CA fixed it.

I decided on a COBRA C-2203-46 KV1720 motor after reading positive reviews of this motor fitted to the Albatros (thanks NSG).

Power system:
  • COBRA C-2203-46 KV1720 motor
  • Hobby King short prop adapter M5x3mm shaft (Grub Screw Type) - NB fitted a plain M5 nut and washer
  • GWS 8x4 SF prop (black)
  • TURNIGY Plush 10 amp 9 gram Speed Controller
  • ZIPPY Compact 350 mAh 2S 25C Lipo Pack

3 x HS35MG servos (4.5g) are on order for the control surfaces - yet to arrive.

Construction is very straight forwards - slip the tailplane into place and glue with Weldbond, checking for alignment.

With the lower wing, the centre needs to be found and positioning marked. This is important as I chose to use UHU Por (contact glue) so there is not much working time to resolve the alignment once the glue grabs. But it saves having to pin or clamp the...Continue Reading